It’s movie night on this Saturday’s X Factor, so spit out your popcorn and start tuning up.


• Matt Terry: ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ - Sam Smith (from Spectre)

• Ryan Lawrie: ‘Jailhouse Rock’ - Elvis Presley (from Jailhouse Rock)

• Emily Middlemas: ‘It Must Have Been Love’ - Roxette (from Pretty Woman)

• Saara Aalto: ‘My Heart Will Go On’ - Celine Dion (from Titanic)

• Honey G: ‘It’s Like That’ - Jason Nevins (from The Keith Lemon Movie) & ‘Getting Jiggy With It’ - Will Smith (from Last Days Of Disco)

• 5 After Midnight: ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ - Otis Redding (from The Commitments)

A few notes:

  • Wow did Matt Terry get unlucky when it comes to Bond themes. Let’s get some Wings up in here!
  • Jailhouse Rock is, obviously, from Jailhouse Rock, but in my heart it will always be a Blues Brothers song.
  • Honey G is officially out of Will Smith films. Why didn’t she just choose that rubbish Biggie biopic and be done with it? The Keith Lemon Movie? Seriously?
  • Anything that reminds me The Commitments exists is alright my me.

Looking forward to Saturday!


The X Factor is shown Saturday, 8pm on ITV1

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