You'd think having some dancing experience would help when it comes to Strictly Come Dancing, but one of this year's celebrity contestants, Nigel Harman, tells us otherwise.


Speaking exclusively to, the actor, who will be dancing with Katya Jones, admitted he's been finding training just as hard as the other celebs in the Strictly Come Dancing 2023 line-up.

"It feels like every body position that Kat has lovingly put me in feels like some form of physical torture," he said.

"I'm feeling okay because I feel like I've got a really good teacher. I'm feeling now that we've had, praise the lord, nine days to put this one together and not four like we will do normally – I'm feeling okay about it. But yes, I have to say my dubious set of skills haven't come in that handy so far. I'm still working the face, I think."

Katya continued: "The strategy to start with was a lot of face and arms to cover up for what's happening down there. It's getting a little less of that. It's a good tool, plus cameras to cover up all the mistakes with lots of smoke."

Ahead of the Strictly launch, Nigel revealed his former dance experience, saying: "I did a diploma in musical theatre when I was 16. So we used to dance. I wasn't in the top stream. There was A, B and C and I started in C and ended up in B."

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Viewers will recognise Nigel for his portrayal as EastEnders' Dennis Rickman, who arrived in Walford in 2003 and was a key figure in the show for two-and-a-half years. Harman has since starred in Casualty and Mount Pleasant.

Prior to his TV career he worked on a cruise ship as a dancer.

"When I left college, I was on a cruise ship for six months as dancer, I hasten to add, not just doing the bingo," he explained.

He continued: "We were you know, there's levels of cruise ship. We weren't the best one. Well we tried hard and I used to have to wash the costumes in the shower. And this is the truth, I didn't tell anyone for five years because I was too embarrassed because I was trying to be, you know, successful and I knew it had a stigma to it, but now I'm proud of it."

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Strictly Come Dancing is on Saturday 23rd September at 6:15pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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