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Ant and Dec's 8 best Saturday Night Takeaway moments

The Geordie duo have been making us laugh for years!

Saturday Night Takeaway
Published: Friday, 19th February 2021 at 2:42 pm

With over 15 years of footage, Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway has been keeping us well and truly entertained on Saturday nights.


Since the series debuted in 2002, the duo have had us in fits of laughter with their hilarious features, including their iconic I'm A Celebrity... Get Out of Me Ear - where they speak into the ears of celebrities via a mic and get them to do bizarre things - to their special mini-series which go on through each series and often have viewers trying to work out some kind of mystery.

On 20th February, the duo will return for series 17 bringing us lots more pranks and hilarious episodes, featuring some of the best celebrity guests on TV.

Ant and Dec recently teased a look at this series' first Get Out of Me Ear with Harry Redknapp and his son Jamie.

So, as the series returns for 2021, took a look back at some of their funniest moments.

Here's our top pics, including Louis Walsh's epic telephone conversation with a banana to Ant and Dec dressing up in some seriously questionable outfits.

Louis Walsh goes bananas 

Ant and Dec and have had many memorable Get Out of Me Ears - where the duo feed celebrities hilarious lines through an earpiece - but one of the funniest has to be when they got Louis Walsh involved in 2014.

As Louis waited for decorators at his house, the duo advised him on what to do and say. Following their instructions, he first greeted a decorator at the door by saying: "Congratulations, you’ve made it through to judges’ houses!"

Next, he put on a crown as he told the visitor: "I am the King of pop, so I am going to put this crown on." He then took his house guest into a room, which Ant and Dec had filled with nothing but pictures of Louis and one chair. And we'll never forget the moment Louis pretended to speak to Danni Minogue via an actual banana - yes you read correctly!

Little Ant and Dec ask Victoria Beckham about the birds and bees

They're not so little anymore, but back when Little Ant and Dec were on the show they once asked Victoria Beckham where babies come from.

As the mini-me interviewers spoke to the former Spice Girl in a hotel, they questioned her about her children's names. "My mum says that you called your son Brooklyn because that's where he was conceived. What does conceived mean?" Little Dec asked.

Struggling to contain her laughter, an embarrassed Posh replied: "Conceived means where I was when Brooklyn ended up in my tummy." The looks on their faces is priceless!

Richard Madeley's Get Out Of Me Ear

The double act were left in fits of laughter when they made Richard Madeley interview photographers for a fake calendar featuring him.

From asking a photographer whether "bottomless" pics of a "full frontal Madeley" would sell, to making very odd comments about the "World Wide Web", the presenter went all out as Ant and Dec instructed him. Richard even pretended to check the temperature of the pool by dipping his toe in it while his shoe was still on. We can't get the image out of our heads!

See the full video here.

Ant and Dec race around the studio

We couldn't get enough of Ant and Dec on the back of electric motorcycles as they raced each other around the studio.

Poor Ant crashed into the wall a few times before going flying into a lift. Dec was just that little bit faster than his TV partner and came out in the lead.

Who shot Simon Cowell?

The TV duo had viewers hooked with their weekly "Who Shot Simon Cowell?" skit, where the music mogul is found dead at his own party.

Starring Ant and Dec, Louis Walsh, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and many more, the mini-serial involved a kind of whodunnit mystery.

Speaking of the segment, Ant and Dec revealed that they were inspired by other comedy legends. Ant said: "We were a big fan of The Two Ronnies and they used to do a weekly serial. I remember fondly The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town." Dec added: "We took inspiration from Who Shot JR? and we thought, who’s the most JR-like person around? We phoned Simon and told him about it and he asked if he’d get to be in it."

Undercover with Gordon Ramsay

Ant and Dec are known for pulling pranks on their famous pals, and one joke we just can't seem to get over is when they dressed up as dodgy handymen Juan and son for their segment Undercover and wound up Gordon Ramsay.

The prank was mainly a success because of how angry the TV chef got at them, as they locked him in his dressing room and pretended to be suffering from food poisoning in his toilet.

We're sure it wouldn't have been long before Gordon completely lost his rag on them.

The Ultimate Ant v Dec

Ant v Dec challenges have pushed the pair to some serious limits over the years, but one challenge really took them to new heights - literally.

The duo abseiled off the ITV building and we were shaking just watching it.

Despite being afraid of heights, Dec described this as his highlight from the series, saying: "You got to peer into windows and it was really interesting. I remember thinking how messy some people’s desks were!”

See the full video here

Mamma Mia and Motown Mash up

The boys had viewers in stitches as they got involved in their End of Show Show segment.

While Ant got dressed up in full on retro, Abba gear to perform with the cast of the musical Mamma Mia, Dec donned a green suit as he took to the stage with the cast of Motown.

And it was a very close competition between the men, with Dec busting some serious moves and Ant really working his platform boots.


Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway will return to ITV on 20th February at 7pm. If you’re looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV Guide. Visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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