Who narrates Gogglebox?

Here's whose distinctive, witty voice you hear on the Channel 4 show...


As the nation’s favourite critics give their verdicts on the week’s TV, it’s the voice of Caroline Aherne who wittily tells us what the families are watching.


The creator and star of The Royle Family, also known for The Fast Show and The Mrs Merton Show, Aherne has been narrating Channel 4’s Gogglebox since the show began in 2013.


Diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014, Aherne said: “I will be narrating this week’s Gogglebox, and I will continue to narrate Gogglebox for as long as Gogglebox want me.”


When Aherne has taken breaks from narrating the show, it’s her Royle Family co-writer and co-star Craig Cash who has filled in for her.