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What do we watch now Love Island is over?

With Love Island now over for 2019, there's a hefty void to fill

Gemma Collins, Diva Forever (ITVBe screenshot)
Published: Friday, 2nd August 2019 at 3:39 pm

With Love Island now over, we’ve seen our couples finally leave the bubble of villa life behind them and disperse into the real world. It’s been a long hot summer, and whether they go the distance or split up and make their millions on Instagram teeth-whitening deals, we wish them well.


But we are now left bereft without our nightly 9pm appointment with ITV 2 to see beautiful singles couple up and break down in the sweltering Spanish sun.

True, we will have an additional fix of Love Island this year for its brand new winter edition (whether we like it or not) but there’s still a long five months to wait until the new series.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best shows to fill that Love Island void.

1. Singletown

Singletown Hosts (ITV)

There’s already been some hype around this upcoming ITV2 show, fronted by I’m a Celeb alumni Joel Dommett and Emily Atack.

The series sees five different couples move to London to put their relationships to the ultimate test – by breaking up.

The couples will each live in a different apartment block and experience London life and all it has to offer: heading to parties, going to all the best venues and going on dates.

Each week, the couples will then have a dramatic showdown on a rooftop, presided by Dommett and Atack, and decide whether they ‘stick’ together or ‘twist’ and continue being single.

While we haven’t got an exact air date yet, both Atack and Dommett teased ‘September’ – so we don’t have too long to wait.

2. Celebs Go Dating

Celebs Go Dating cast (Channel 4)

Let’s face it, Celebs Go Dating is basically grad school for Love Island stars.

Eyal Booker, Olivia Atwood, Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler have all stepped into the Celebrity Dating Agency to find a partner after failing to couple up with the villa.

The upcoming seventh series is no exception, with Megan Barton Hanson and winner Jack Fincham looking to find love amongst a motley cast of characters.

With rumours that Megan may have already broken the show’s rules by growing close to TOWIE star Demi Sims, the latest season looks to be as every bit as dramatic as Love Island itself.

3. The Surjury

Caroline Flack Love Island ITV

Longing for another Flack Attack? Fans searching for an off-season Caroline need look no further than The Surjury, Channel 4’s brand new makeover series that has already invited a lot of controversy.

The new reality series, fronted by Flack, sees a group of young people desperate to have some sort of plastic surgery – but in a twist, a panel of 12 judges get to decide whether they can have the procedure.

MPs have since described the show as “tawdry” and “exploitative" but Channel 4 are hopeful the show will spark some sort of meaningful debate.

“The Surjury allows people to explore their choices more thoroughly and to take measured advice from their peers, some of whom may previously have gone under the knife themselves and will happily hold court on the subject."

It’s likely to prove interesting, if not divisive, viewing.

4. Gemma Collins: Diva Forever

GemmaCollins, Diva Forever (ITVBe screenshot)
Gemma Collins, Diva Forever (ITVBe screenshot)

The GC heads to the US of A in a new five-part series that is set to air this month.

TOWIE star turned meme queen Gemma is (naturally) at the helm as she plans to crack America – and will also see her pop to Marbella again.

And the series shows Gemma having “well and truly earned” her divaship as she talks Brexit (“I voted out”), nature (“I’ve just got to hug a tree a minute”) and timekeeping (“I’m just in the cab” she tells a friend over the phone as she lays back in a salon chair).

It’s set to be a riot.

5. Temptation Island

Temptation Island (YouTUbe screenshot)

It may sound like a cheesy Love Island rip-off, but Temptation Island has been around far longer than the Majorcan villa.

Originally on FOX in 2001, the show asks four couples to split up, with the men now living with a dozen models and the women finding themselves cohabiting with 12 highly attractive men.

The couples are then tested to see if they can resist the various temptations on the Island.

With the show having been revived in 2018, Temptation Island’s second run comes to the UK on E! in early August.

6. Love Island USA

It may have had more modest ratings across the Atlantic, but Love Island USA has just been renewed for a second season.

It’s far tamer than the British version that we all know and love – airing on CBS at 8pm, there’s no swearing, sex or savage rows.

But it still has an intriguing cast of characters and plenty of drama. understands from ITV sources that there are currently no plans to broadcast the American version in the UK, but some episodes are available on YouTube TV.

7. Dating Around

Dating Around
Dating Around (Netflix)

Released earlier this year, Netflix’s first ever dating show seemingly mashes First Dates with Groundhog Day, with a glossy, high budget sheen on top.

The premise? One singleton goes on five first dates with five suitors in New York, and at the end, they choose the one they like best and they go on a second date away from our prying eyes.

However, what distinguishes it from pretty much every other dating show out there is that each of these first dates are shown concurrently – fundamentally meaning we see all five dates play out at the same time.

Much like a real first date, there’s awkward pauses, lulls in conversation – and in one case, quite a big row – but there’s also moments of genuine tenderness and warmth.

8. Flirty Dancing

Flirty Dancing (Channel 4)

If you missed this charming blind-date show on Channel 4 at the start of the year, now is the time to catch up.

Diversity frontman Ashley Banjo separately teaches two singletons a part of the dance that the pair must perform when they meet for the first time.


Yes, it sounds a bit gimmicky, but there’s something genuinely heartwarming when our pairings start dancing together – with some romances blossoming from the very first step.


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