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Dating Around: everything you need to know about Netflix's first original dating show

The voyeuristic dating show is a must-watch

Published: Tuesday, 19th February 2019 at 4:29 pm

Dating Around, Netflix's first stab at an Original dating series, sees people looking for love each going on a date in the same restaurant with five different suitors.


Unlike British staples such as First Dates and Take Me Out, it only features the couples – there are no interactions with waiting staff, no friends and family – and the five dates are spliced together in a way that's really rather intriguing...

When is Dating Around released on Netflix?

The six-episode series launched on Netflix on Thursday 14th February 2019 and is available in its entirety now.

How does Dating Around work?

Each episode sees one singleton go on five blind dates in search of a potential partner. They wear the same outfit each time, and go to the same restaurant, which can be confusing at first – but it means the dates can be spliced together and run concurrently alongside one another in what can be quite an effective way, as the trailer demonstrates...

At the end of each episode we discover who the main hopeful has picked for a second date – although on one occasion they decide to cut their losses and not choose anyone...

Who are the stars?

Meet all six lead bachelors / bachelorettes below.

Episode 1: Luke

A handsome but bland real estate broker, who says he has been on "a personal journey" but is now ready to meet someone and settle down...

Episode 2: Gurki

A divorcée attempting to get back out there after years off the market.

Episode 3: Lex

A moustachioed production designer who makes one date uncomfortable with his overtly sexual line of questioning.

Episode 4: Leonard

Dating Around

A widower (also a retired lawyer with a 1900 sq ft apartment – much to the liking of one particularly dolled up suitor) who tells the same bizarre joke about a Swedish frog on all five dates.

Episode 5: Sarah

Dating Around

A newbie to New York who has "a really bad habit of giving absolutely everything to men that don't f***ing deserve it" – and is intent on changing that.

Episode 6: Mila

A fashion designer on the hunt for Mrs Right.


Dating Around is streaming now on Netflix


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