We’ve watched people grafting, cracking on and dumping for two months solid, and despite now getting our summer evenings back, let’s be honest, we’re already desperate to know if it’s returning next year.


Will Love Island be back for 2020?

Yes, 100%. So clear the diaries for next summer because show bosses have confirmed it will be back.

Where will it be?

ITV is keeping schtum on whether or not next year's singletons will be cracking on in the Mallorcan sun, telling fans the show will return to a location in "Europe".

How can I apply?

Desperate to find love on the show? Keep your eyes peeled. Applications are currently open for winter Love Island but not the summer edition.

Winter Love Island? What's that?

If continuing summer without your 9pm Love Island fix feels harder to comprehend than Jordan ditching Anna a day after becoming official, then don't panic because a bunch of singletons will be moving into a villa in Cape Town, South Africa in "early 2020".


What about Love Island Australia?

Last year UK fans had only a matter of days to work out what to do with their lives before ITV2 started airing Love Island Australia. The show featured near-fist fights as well as another eight weeks of mugging off and cracking on – but this year’s series doesn’t air until autumn and we have no confirmation that you’ll be able to catch it on ITV2.
Love Island is on tonight at 9pm on ITV2