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Caroline Flack on her Love Island future: “I’ll be doing that slow-mo walk in a zimmerframe!”

She’s been the face of Love Island for the past five years – and the Flack isn’t going anywhere

Published: Sunday, 2nd June 2019 at 9:00 pm

The 39-year-old has been at the forefront of the ITV2 reality show since it was resurrected in 2015, announcing recouplings, dumpings and the all-important winning couple every series.

And Flack has no plans to slow-motion sashay away from Love Island or its sister show Aftersun just yet.

When quizzed by and other journalists about whether she’d walk away from the show anytime soon, she laughed, “No! I’ll be doing that slow-mo walk in a zimmer-frame.”

Caroline Flack on Love Island

Love it or loathe it, the arrival of Caroline in the villa is heralded by the now infamous snail-pace strut – something she says they can nail in one take.

“We only have the crew for seven or eight minutes and we have to do it quickly because the Islanders have to get to bed,” she said. “So we do one walk forward, one walk behind me, one walk from the side and it’s done. Three walks.”

But apart from walking slowly into buildings, Flack, much like the rest of us watching at home, doesn’t really know what to expect from the new series – which has had more than its fair share of criticism before it has even started.

Even as host, Flack doesn’t get to meet the Islanders before they head into the villa – and admits she always fails to predict what will happen.

“Last year I predicted Eyal and Hayley would win and they didn’t even talk!” she laughed. “So I’m not very good at predicting it.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re going to have five new couples from the get go. Whether they like each other or not, we’re going to have five storylines that we don’t know now.

“You can’t predict it, that’s what’s so good about Love Island. I’m excited about all the stories, watching the heartbreak.”

However, she does have a soft spot for Curtis Pritchard, whom she thinks will be the Islander we’re all rooting for.


“I think Curtis is going to be really sweet,” she said. “You know how we had Doctor Alex last year? He seems like someone who's going to wear their heart on their sleeve.”

But Flack added she won’t be dishing out romance advice to Islanders any time soon; she split with fiancé Andrew Brady last year after a whirlwind romance, and recently called time on her brief dalliance with Danny Cipriani.

“I’m not very good at giving love advice,” she laughed. “But on Love Island, you can’t plan anything, you can’t fake anything, you can’t fake being in love, you just can’t.

“I am sad that last year’s couples didn’t last. But some relationships don’t last forever. It doesn’t mean they’re a failure. Sometimes two people aren’t meant to be forever, only for a little bit.”

And despite the criticism Love Island has received, Flack is still a passionate defender of the show.

“The show will always be positive,” she said. “It has stood for positivity from day one. We’re a show about love. There’s nothing more positive in the world than love. That’s what we create and are aiming for.

“When it starts again this season, that’s what people will remember it’s about, not what happens afterwards. Our show is about love.”


Love Island launches Monday 3rd June at 9pm on ITV2


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