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The Daily Show made a Brexit Bake Off mash-up with Theresa May and it is genius

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are unimpressed with Theresa May's "Brexit Crumble" showstopper

Daily Show - Theresa May on the Great British Bake Off
Published: Thursday, 17th January 2019 at 7:14 pm

"It's quite divided there, isn't it?" says Mary Berry. "To say it was a disaster would be a humiliation to 'disaster'," Paul Hollywood laughs, while his fellow Great British Bake Off judge adds: "I think maybe you got a bit rushed at the end, and a bit panicky."


Theresa May looks miserable as the two judges destroy her "Theresa's Brexit Crumble" showstopper.

This isn't an alternative universe: it is in fact a brilliant mash-up created by America's The Daily Show. Using the Prime Minister's face superimposed onto contestant Danny's body from series three, the clip explains the Brexit crisis to US audiences through the medium of Bake Off.

A potential deal with the European Union was just voted down in Parliament, and on Wednesday Theresa May only narrowly avoided a vote of no confidence which would have forced a general election. Meanwhile, time is slipping away and Britain's exit from the EU on 29th March is getting closer and closer.

As Berry points out, the country is divided – and many would agree with Hollywood that the whole thing is getting a bit disastrous.


"We're going to really, really, really miss you," says Sue Perkins at the end of the clip as Danny (aka Theresa) is sent home. Is this a prediction for the PM's ultimate fate?

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