BBC One made a splash on the reality scene with The Traitors last week, with 22 contestants slowly turning on each other in their hunt for the saboteurs among them.


While the deceit, drama and cloak-and-dagger eliminations have gripped the public thus far, one of the biggest revelations in The Traitors has been the romantic relationship between presenter Alex and magician Tom, who secretly entered the show as a couple.

Fans will know that Tom shared their love affair with the rest of the group this week, shocking his fellow contestants (particularly BMX athlete Matt who admitted his attraction to Alex) and ultimately landing himself in the hot seat at the roundtable. However, the question we've all been wondering since his elimination is: are the pair still together?

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, the 24-year-old magician has revealed whether he managed to make his romantic relationship with Alex work after the show.

When asked whether they're still an item, Tom said: "Everyone's mentioned that! She's getting so many DMs from so many guys! There's been a DM that was like, 'Ah, you and Matt are such a better couple than you and Tom,' and it actually gives me so much clarity that people at home actually have no idea about us. It makes me a bit happier that they're saying this.

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Alex and Tom on The Traitors
Alex and Tom on The Traitors. BBC

"But non-stop, everyone's asking, 'Are you still together? Are you still together?' And we are – but we always have been. We've gone through worse."

Tom added that they've been used to keeping their relationship under wraps after doing so for five months in the past.

"The narrative that never made it into the show. When we first met, we kept our relationship secret for five months because we were working in a content house making viral videos online," he said. "It's a mad story. It's actually beyond mad but there's not enough episodes for them to tell our life story but that's ultimately why we could do it, we've literally lived through it already."

On how he felt watching Matt crush on Alex whilst keeping their relationship a secret, Tom said that he's "used to seeing it" in the outside world.

"He is obviously gorgeous, I can happily say how gorgeous he and Aaron are. Those two are both fit. It's so hard. But ultimately, I trust her. We go on nights out – you think that she doesn't get hit on? I'm so used to seeing it. But I'm very comfortable in our relationship, we're both very comfortable and both very trusting.

"So that's why actually if one of us was a Traitor and one of us was a Faithful, I would struggle to believe that we wouldn't be able to read it from each other. We know each other so well."

Tom added: "But yeah it was entertaining. It was quite funny. Although it's been edited like she says that she flirts, watch it – she never flirts. She's literally being her lovely self but the thing is, Matt is on it straightaway. Bless him. I was always fine."

There are currently 15 players left on The Traitors, after the murders of Aisha, Claire and John, and the eliminations of Nicky, Imran, Tom and Ivan – all of whom turned out to be Faithfuls.

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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