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Snowflake Mountain cast member quits in first episode

Warning: Contains spoilers for the new Netflix reality series.

Snowflake Mountain cast
Published: Wednesday, 22nd June 2022 at 8:01 am
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A pack of laid-back millennials are about to learn what it's like to survive in the wilderness in Netflix's Snowflake Mountain.


Guided by ex-military Matt and Joel, they'll learn life skills and how to fend for themselves, with $50,000 at stake for the person who has the biggest transformation.

However, one contestant never even made it past episode one.

In the new series, Olivia, 25, from Ohio quits the show in the first episode, saying: "I'm so glad that I came here and saw everything, but I think I've decided that I cant't continue, so I think I'm going to go home."

Upon hearing this, Matt says: "We would love it if you stayed and I think all these guys would love if you stayed, but we definitely understand."

Snowflake Mountain star Olivia
Snowflake Mountain star Olivia Netflix/Pete Dadds

But, it's not enough to change Olivia's mind as she says her goodbyes and leaves the campsite.

It comes after Matt and Joel revealed that the cast would be camping with no access to their material goods, instead of living in a luxury villa as they were led to believe.

"You guys are about to get your first lesson," Matt explained, as Joel continued: "Lesson number one is going to be a lesson about being flexible and adaptable. Sometimes in life you can lose everything, but you need to know that set backs are a chance to get stronger."

"Sometimes we find material things way us down and we can actually do more with less. We think it's time to leave all that stuff behind," Matt added.

Joel then blew up their suitcases, before showing them where'd they'd be staying for the next few weeks. We might've turned tail and run too...


All eight episodes of Snowflake Mountain are streaming on Netflix from Wednesday, 22nd June. Visit our Entertainment hub for more news and features, or find something to watch with our TV Guide.

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