Shipwrecked contestant Harry Goodwins

Name: Harry Goodwins


Age: 26

From: London “and the world” (yes, really)

Occupation: Model

Who is Harry Goodwins? Quite a successful model for the likes of Prada, Calvin Klein, GQ and Vogue. Signed up to several agencies, Harry travels the world for his work. In fact, he claims he’s only been in London one month in the past year.

What kind of Shipwrecked contestant is Harry? Although predicting he was going to be a “little f***er” because “it is my nature”, Harry claims he ended up being the “dad” of the island.

“I stepped up to the plate to do chores,” he explains.“I think I came across more mature than I actually am.”

Well, maybe not...

Is Harry Goodwins single? More than that: Harry says he’s a “single pringle ready to mingle!” (Good luck getting a date with lines like that).

And he’s more than familiar with finding love on holiday. Well, sort of. “If a one night stand counts as a romance then, yes, I have had them before!” he says.

Why is Harry on Shipwrecked? Boredom, by the sounds of it. “To be honest it is not something I would usually do. I literally had nothing to do and I just thought ‘f*** it’,” he says.

But why exactly did the Shipwreck producers choose Harry to be on the show? His theory: “I am a very enigmatic person!” Hmmm...

Did Harry have arguments with anyone? Not according to him. In fact, Harry says that he got on with everyone in his tribe. “It made sense,” he says.


Shipwrecked airs on weeknights on E4 starting from 9pm on Monday 28th January

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