Selling Sunset season 4 release date: Everything you need to know

From the possibility of new cast members, to baby news, here's what you can expect from the new series of Selling Sunset.

It’s official: Selling Sunset has been confirmed for season four, and even better, the guys and girls at The Oppenheim Group will be staying on screens for a fifth series, too!


On Wednesday, 10th March Netflix announced that Selling Sunset had been renewed for two more seasons.

A return date hasn’t been confirmed just yet for the real estate show, but based on our conversations with some of the girls, we reckon it could be pretty soon.

Mary Fitzgerald recently revealed when fans can expect season four, exclusively telling “I think everybody can expect to see a season four probably and hopefully in about six months. We film for probably four or five months for each season and then there’s a couple of months for editing and then you guys would probably see it in about six months.”

Christine Quinn appeared also appeared on This Morning to talk about her pregnancy with her husband Christian Richard, and to show off some new properties she’s currently selling.

So, what can we expect from the new series? Here’s everything we know so far about Selling Sunset season four.

When is Selling Sunset season 4’s release date?

Although Selling Sunset has been confirmed for a fourth and fifth series, a release date hasn’t been set by Netflix just yet.

Based on Mary’s recent quotes, we reckon the show could be back on screens around or after Summer, which is around six months away.

Season one of Selling Sunset first launched in March 2019, introducing audiences to the super glamorous world of real estate – and the million-dollar houses – in the Hollywood Hills.

The second season dropped over a year later in May 2020, with the third coming not very long after that in August.

According to Jason Oppenheim, the COVID-19 pandemic which has brought the TV and film industry to their knees won’t be a problem for the cast of Selling Sunset.

He told Metro: “I don’t anticipate the coronavirus having too much of an effect. I don’t foresee any restrictions on filming because I think that we’re all together anyway, most of us. We’re interacting already, so I don’t think we’re at much risk simply having cameras around.”

Has the cast said anything about another season?

They most certainly have, and it’s sounding pretty good!

In a recent interview with, Mary shared an update on filming plans, while Maya Vander revealed what storylines could feature in Selling Sunset season four.

She even hinted at a possible spin-off involving her in Miami.

“I just need nicer, sexy listings and a couple of crazy girls and we’re all set. “I think there is a lot of real estate, great properties here to film,” she said.

Breakout star Christine confirmed in a recent interview that the cast usually hear about the show’s renewal once a previous season has dropped.

“So usually we get picked up after the show airs, you know, we’ll hear some information, some rumblings,” Christine told Grazia in July. “With season two being in the top ten [on Netflix], I think we’re definitely going to get picked up.”

Although she seems optimistic about the show’s future, Christine also confirmed that “everything has been set back due to COVID”.

“We’re going to shoot next year, now, I’m hearing. We have such a big production, there’s so many people on our crew. I don’t think we’d be filming this year,” she said.

Selling Sunsets, christine quinn
Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn

Will all the cast return for Selling Sunset season 4?

Despite Davina leaving the OG to work for rival Douglas Elliman, and some of the other girls hinting at doing the same, it sounds like all of the original cast will be back on screens when Selling Sunset returns.

Mary explained: “My understanding is, whenever we do it, everyone is coming back. I don’t know how Davina plays into that because she did leave the group, so I’m not really sure how that’s going to work out. I haven’t spoken to her.”

Maya Vander previously hinted the current series could be her last, telling  Metro: “With two children right now, it’s going to be difficult for me to relocate my life again to LA. We have a house right now in Miami, my husband is here and we’ve been doing the whole back and forth. I was a bit more flexible and so was he, but his job is very serious and we have another baby. We will see…”

Selling Sunset: Mary, Christine and Heather
Selling Sunset: Mary, Christine and Heather

Similarly, Christine Quinn also suggested she could be saying goodbye to the Netflix series.

She said; “All I’m going to say is, it’s hard working for a man,” she said. “It is. I’m not going to lie. So there’s times where we’ve definitely thought about doing other things… Right now I do like being a part of [the] family, I really, really do.

“I like having that dynamic but it needs to have a little bit of healing, and mend itself first. If I ever saw myself leaving, it would be to work with only women.”

Will there be any new agents on Selling Sunset season 4?

New cast members haven’t been confirmed, however, Mary has teased new additions to The Oppenheim Group in Selling Sunset season four.

She said: “We do have a couple of new agents. There’s a chance… we keep trying to tell production and Netflix that we want a couple of the other girls on the show because they’re really good friends of ours. They work for The Oppenheim Group and they’re very successful, so I think it would be good to have some new faces. But I don’t know what they’re going to choose.”

What could Selling Sunset season 4 be about?

Selling Sunset
Selling Sunset’s Heather Young and Maya Vander

There’s plenty for the cameras still to follow, with Heather Rae Young now engaged to her partner Tarek El Moussa.

Given that both Mary and Christine Quinn’s weddings featured on the show, it’d be great to be front row at this one as well!

And of course, the drama between fan-favourites, Chrishell and Christine, will never get old. This alone could keep us tuning into the show for a few more seasons. Plus, there’s bound to be more fall-out from Chrishell’s divorce from Justin Hartley.

As well as this, we saw Maya pitching a possible office opening in Miami, so this could make for an interesting future storyline if she were to stay on the show.

Christine is now pregnant, and after she filmed her wedding, which reportedly cost over $1 million we wonder if she’ll be planning any more spectacular dos perhaps for the baby shower?

Maya recently revealed what could feature in the new series, telling us: “Someone will do something big somehow.”

She added: “That’s the beauty with Selling Sunset, nothing is predictable with the show. So, you know, between us girls, who knows? Maybe they’re going to have new cast members that they don’t tell us about, that could be it too. It would be interesting. I’m excited.”

So are we, girl!

Selling Sunset seasons 1-3 are now available to stream on Netflix. Season 4 is coming soon. Check out our lists of the best series on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, or see what else is on with our TV Guide.