The return of Selling Sunset to Netflix has only meant one thing: drama, and a lot of it at that.

Season four welcomes new faces to The Oppenheim Group and business has never been better. But as profits grow, so do tensions, and the girls are more divided than ever.

By the end of the season, lines have well and truly been drawn and it looks like there's no way back for the girls of the group.

And, as some grow apart, it seems others have been growing very close...

With a Selling Sunset season five teaser already out there for the world to devour, here are all the questions we need answering from season four.

What actually happened between Christine, Emma and their ex?

Selling Sunset season four's drama really starts and (sort of) ends with the Christine and Emma love triangle. Both dated the same mystery man but it's unclear as to whether there's any crossover.

Christine is pretty mad that Emma is being welcomed into The Oppenheim Group, and that her former best friend Mary is pretty close to the new agent. Christine alleges that Emma was seeing her ex while they were still together.

Emma for her part is sure Christine and her ex broke up months before they got together, and didn't know who Christine was until one fateful run-in - and even the details of that are up for debate. Christine said she calmly approached Emma, but Emma had a very different - and explosive - recollection.

Needless to say, it was all a bit confusing, and it only got worse when Christine dropped a bombshell...

Selling Sunset's Emma

Did Christine really get engaged to her ex?

That's right, Christine revealed she was actually engaged to her ex... or was she?

It was news to *literally* everyone that the mystery man proposed, especially Mary, who was apparently living with Christine at the time.

Christine said she only told Davina, but the pair didn't apparently know each other when it happened.

As we hit the finale, it seemed perhaps this one wasn't true, until Christine dropped the bombshell that she wasn't even living with Mary when it happened!

By the end of the series, Mary and Christine are at complete loggerheads about what happened, with both claiming to have pretty good reasons why they were correct.

But the question remains...

Who is Christine and Emma's ex?

The mystery man is never named on Selling Sunset by either Christine or Emma – it's also up for debate whether he's still in either of their lives.

Christine ponders whether Emma and this man are still together, but after some digging by, it seems Emma is firmly single (confirmed by People).

Not much else is really known about Emma and her dating history, and the same in that case for Christine.

Christine is now married and shares a child with Christian Richard, who she tied the knot with on the series.

As for their shared ex? Well, that remains a mystery...

Selling Sunset's Christine

Has Christine quit The Oppenheim Group?

At the end of season four, Selling Sunset star Christine looks like she's had about enough. Almost all of the girls, even close pal Davina, have turned their backs on her.

Jason and Brett made it clear to the rest of the team that if she caused trouble, she'd be gone...

"She's not changing and hopefully she quits The Oppenheim Group – at this point, she's done," Emma says after Christine and Mary's confrontation at the finale party.

Christine has been fairly absent from cast photos on Instagram while they film for season five, and she doesn't appear in the teaser for the next season, either.

However, while filming Selling Sunset season five, it seems Christine was there, but claimed she was being excluded from pictures.

"The girls intentionally leave me out of photos," she claimed in an explosive tweet.

Plus, Christine's on The Oppenheim Group's website as a listed agent.

The queen will return.

Did anyone know about Chrishell and Jason?

The biggest bombshell of the whole season came at the end of the last episode, when it's revealed Chrishell and Jason are an item (though if you're an avid social media follower, you'll have seen this months ago).

Which begs the question: how did no-one know about it?

We don't know the exact timeline of events in season four and season five, but we know they went public during a holiday to Greece, which will be covered in the next season.

As for when they initially started dating, Chrishell hints coyly to Heather in the season four finale that she had a man, though it seemed to be early days.

Genius editing from the Selling Sunset team in season four showed a couple of flirty glances between the pair, so surely someone from the office will have clocked it quite early on...?

Either way, we can almost taste the drama coming from this in season five - and we can't wait.

Did Davina ever sell the $75 million house?

Davina Potratz

Of course she didn't.

Selling Sunset seasons 1-4 are now available to stream on Netflix. Check out our lists of the best series on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, or see what else is on with our TV Guide.