After three weeks of dramatic exits, savage red room eliminations and gruelling work shifts, Rise and Fall crowned its first-ever winner last night, with account manager Eddy taking home the £85,000 jackpot.


However, with the 27-year-old having now watched the show back, he's revealed which of his fellow contestants surprised him the most – one of them being GB News contributor Sophie Corcoran.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Eddy said that viewers didn't get to see the more "vulnerable" side of the politics student on the show.

Rise and Fall final
Eddy winning Rise and Fall. Channel 4

"I knew Sophie was in it for herself but, and this doesn't come across on the show, because we spent so much time in the basement – yes, she has this persona of 'I am GB News, I don't care what other people say about me,' but what you didn't see in the programme was what I saw and a lot of other people saw, was a very vulnerable, you know, 20-something-year-old girl, still in university.

"It looks like she thrives on all of this hate that she gets but actually what we saw is that no, she's just as fragile as any other 21-year-old."

He continued: "Then you watch the interviews back and you go, 'Jesus!' She looked very kind of fragile, but the way she's come off in those interviews, you'll go, 'She's on a mission there.'"

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Sophie made it to the final week of Rise and Fall, being voted out by her fellow Rulers after rising up to the penthouse in episode 14.

Eddy also revealed that he saw a different side to his fellow finalist Moses Ldn when watching the show.

"Moses did have this massive game plan and we all knew he had a massive game plan. I think Moses was the one I probably struggled to read. Everybody else, I think we've all worked each other out.

"Moses, credit where credit is due, he had his back against the wall for the entire programme and he's done unbelievably well," he added. "But you know, he's quite a switched-on cookie, you can see in his interviews that, you know, he did have all of these plans and schemes going on."

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