Married at First Sight returns to Channel 4 tonight with newlyweds Michelle and Owen starting their new lives together – and the new wife discovering her husband has a collection of toys.


Yikes. When the couple enter 31-year-old IT manager Owen's house (actually, it's his mum's house) in Sheffield, he introduces her to "Dino" and another friend.

Primary school teacher Michelle, 25, laughs: "I enjoy the fact you still have toys... Two toys!"

Owen protests: "It's not a toy, it's a model dinosaur."

He does attempt to defend his collection: "I wouldn't say I'm a man-child but I do enjoy some of the nerdier things in life."

Anyway, it's too late to complain now, he jokes, we're married.

The Married at First Sight clip is a light-hearted introduction to a more dramatic week because just as they do move in together, the global COVID-19 pandemic reaches Britain, putting unprecedented strain on the new relationships.

But when the lockdown measures are relaxed Michelle and Owen’s love-in gives way to reality – how can they sustain their relationship if they live so far apart? Will Michelle leave Hastings in Sussex to be with him? Or will Owen move south to protect his marriage?

Owen said he too part in the show for the “opportunity to get properly matched by experts”, adding: “Marriage is a huge commitment which makes you put effort into a relationship to make it work in the first few weeks, the idea of that really appealed to me.”

So an early exit from him was unlikely.

Elsewhere, things were looking bleak for David and Shareen in Married at First Sight's last episode, as she found fault with his tattoos and his survival bag, among other irritations.

Is there any way the couple can come back from the brink of an early separation.

Tonight, they try to make some magic with a romantic glamping getaway.

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