Married at First Sight Australia fans wonder if Dean got off too lightly with Tracey’s friends

The love rat on the E4 show seemed pretty happy to avoid a serious grilling from Tracey's friends.

Dean Wells

Married at First Sight Australia season five focused on the second home stays, where the newlyweds travel to their partner’s home town to experience what domestic life would be like with them… For Dean Wells, Perth may well turn out to be hell on Earth.


After his emotional infidelity with Davina Rankin and constant excuses for his transgressions, he has made it hard for fans of the E4 reality show to like him. Imagine how his love rat tendencies will play out with the friends of his wife, Tracey Jewel?

“What did you do wrong?” one of Tracey’s friends asked Dean at the dinner they’d arrange to welcome the couple home.

His response was the expected litany of half-truths, while he went beetroot-red and squirmed in his seat. Viewers were not having his “confession at all.

One fan said what everyone else was thinking: “There is 100 other Aussie girls that he’s fed those lines too. What is wrong with her? Excuse after excuse after excuse.”

The question on many lips was: how much humiliation was Tracey going to endure? Some thought that maybe it’s because she was “loving the drama”.

Others had some canny advice for how Dean should extricate himself from the difficult situation.

The confrontation with Tracey’s friends and family was the “perfect punishment” for Dean. But did he get off a little too lightly with them?

Social meda was abuzz with people who thought, yes, he did.

Perhaps the tough love that Tracey so clearly needed was going to happen off camera…

The teaser for the next episode featured Dean meeting Tracey’s parents for only the second time. The father asked Dean if he had any moral fibre at all. Viewers were more than happy to help him out with that answer.

Many were losing patience with Tracey. The advice seemed to be to “get over it” or face the possibility that viewers might start sympathising with Dean! Unlikely.

Justin Fisher and Carly Bowyer were attempting to breathe life into their seemingly doomed marriage. He’s just never seemed that into his new wife. Perhaps he’s not really into any kind of relationship, outside his close feelings for ice-cream machines.

As one viewer posted on social media, “Carly and Justin have about as much sexual chemistry as a bowl of congealed porridge”.

Troy Delmege and Ashley Irvin are about as relaxed together as a Victorian couple on their wedding night. But would a visit to a marine park and swimming with dolphins loosen up the awkwardness for “Team Trashley”?

Not according to most on social media. Ashley’s words say one thing, but her looks and her body language say something else altogether.

The home stays continue for the couples on Married at First Sight Australia on Thursday night. It feels like it might be curtains for at least one more couple, but if you can’t wait to find out what happened read our update on the couples from seasons four and five.


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