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Maeva loses it as Digby and Verity grow closer in Made in Chelsea first-look

Diggers has picked the wrong girl to ask out on a date.

Made in Chelsea exclusive clip
Published: Saturday, 27th November 2021 at 9:00 am

Maeva is on typically fiery form in a first-look at Monday's episode of Made in Chelsea, as she takes Digby to task for considering asking out Verity.


The next episode of the E4 reality series will see Digby grow closer to Verity, but he makes a mistake when he asks Maeva's boyfriend James – with whom Verity was previously involved – for permission to date her.

In a preview clip exclusive to, old rivalries flare up as Maeva – who has a long-standing rivalry with Verity – loses her cool with both Digby and James, who she believes is making light of the situation.

"This is a very big red flag in front of a very scary bull right now," James warns his pal.

"I just thought I was being respectful!" protests Digby, who'd previously shown a romantic interest in another Made in Chelsea cast member, Inga.

"Is it because you can't get Inga and now you're trying to, like, collect the crumbs?" asks a flabbergasted Maeva when she learns of Digby's intentions.

The scene ends with both Digby and James in Maeva's bad books – but will Digby take heed or will he ignore Maeva and pursue Verity regardless? He's braver than us if he wants to risk making an enemy of Maeva...

Elsewhere on this week's MiC, Miles and Ruby's romance continues to blossom and they decide to make it public, but her ex-boyfriend Reza is keeping a secret that might threaten the couple's newfound happiness, while Inga introduces her potential new love interest Ella to Ollie and Gareth.


Made in Chelsea continues this Monday (29th November) at 9pm on E4 – visit our Entertainment hub for more news and features, or find something to watch with our TV Guide.


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