Tensions have been building between Ruby and Bella on Made in Chelsea, due to Ruby's ongoing friendship with her ex and Bella's current boyfriend, Reza.


However, the pair are finally going to talk about their issues during a conversation in Monday's episode, as an exclusive clip for RadioTimes.com reveals.

In the video, Bella approaches the table where Ruby and Liv are having tea. Bella says she's happy to see Ruby because there has been some "animosity" between them.

As Liv leaves, Bella says she is sorry to hear that Ruby and her boyfriend split up, but that she feels confused as to whether Ruby is avoiding her, because she feels all of their recent encounters have been awkward.

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Bella says she feels she is being ignored by Ruby and asks her to be honest about how she's feeling. Ruby says she doesn't want it to affect their friendship and that she respects her, adding that her friendship with Reza is "nothing but platonic".

Bella says it makes her feel better to hear that, and that as long as she and Reza are both honest with her, there shouldn't be any issues going forwards.

You can watch the full clip right here now.

Last week's episode of Made in Chelsea saw James and Maeva disagreeing over whether to invite Sam Prince to their wedding, with Maeve doubling down on having disinvited him.

It was recently announced that the show will be getting an Australian spin-off - with Made in Bondi, which is set in one of Sydney’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, set to arrive on E4, likely next year.

Made in Chelsea season 26 continues on Monday 4th December on E4 at 10pm. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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