Love Island’s Laura confronts Adam about his muggy behaviour

Adam's in for a telling off as he upsets another villa girl

Laura Anderson and Adam Collard on Love Island

Love Island fans are still reeling after last night’s explosive episode which saw Rosie call out Adam’s muggy behaviour.


And now, another islander is getting on his case when Laura decides to confront the Love Island lothario on Wednesday night’s show.

The previous night, talking behind Rosie’s back, Adam had confessed to finding the Welsh solicitor materialistic and clingy. Ouch – that’s got to hurt.

Chatting about the night’s drama the next day, Laura, Megan and Samira agree they’ve gone off personal trainer Adam, even if they do like watching him work out. Laura says: “He doesn’t in my eyes really deserve the chance to have any beautiful girl pine after him because I just feel like he’s probably gone through his whole life having that.”

And new girl Megan admits: “Deep in my heart I don’t think he’s a nice person.”

Viewers couldn’t agree with you more, Megan. 

Anyway, 29-year-old Laura decides to take matters into her own hands and pulls Adam to one side for a chat.

He tells her: “As soon as I actually start to like someone I get the fear. I just don’t let people in that well but I feel like now that I’ve done this it’s made me realise that I probably do like her. ”

He’s certainly got a funny way of showing it, no? And we bet this has nothing to do with the fact a recoupling is imminent…

Sharing her words of wisdom with the 22-year-old islander, Laura  says: “I just want you to realise, with Kendall as well as Rosie now, they are both really good girls, they really liked you, obviously they wouldn’t pine after you in that way and forgive you if they didn’t.”

She added: “I just want you to have a bit of a kick up the arse.

Adam Collard on Love Island
Adam Collard on Love Island (ITV)

“It’s fine if you decide then that you don’t like Rosie, you don’t have to like everyone but it’s just these girls have feelings as well and the way that you’ve acted is just stupid and you don’t need to be like that…

“You don’t want to be with someone who is insecure, you’ve already said that, but your actions are making girls insecure. Just take some responsibility.”

But will a telling off change Adam’s antics? Or is this just the second in his string of villa girls?

Rosie confesses to the Beach Hut: “It’s easy to forgive something, it’s not always easy to forget.” Don’t worry Rosie, the viewers won’t.


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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