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How to watch Love Island - what’s it about and who’s in it?

Find out how to stream the smash-hit reality show - plus everything else you need to know

Love Island cast, ITV Pictures

Where could it be easier to fall in love than on an eight-week summer holiday on a Spanish island? Love Island shows that contrary to what you'd expect, the path to true love is just as rocky in a Mediterranean paradise as it is on a rainy day in Britain.


The show typically takes place every summer, but ITV has announced that there will be two series in 2020, as a winter version has been added which will take place in South Africa.

Where to watch Love Island?

You can watch Love Island on ITV Hub or Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately though, the series isn't currently on Netflix or iTunes.

What is Love Island about?

Curtis and Maura Love Island reunion show (ITV)

Love Island takes a group of gorgeous strangers and has them couple up and compete to win a cash prize. The winners are decided by a public vote, and they take home £50,000 cash, and generally earn over 1 million across the next year from their fame. This gives the couples an incentive to couple up with someone that they really have feelings for - or at least someone they can convince the public they're compatible with.

As wells a lot of lazing around in the villa, the islanders are sent on an inventive array of dates from orange squeezing to helicopter rides, and have visits in the later episodes from family and even celebrity guests. This year the show invited English singer Craig David for a party by the pool with the cast, which left one islander, Anton, in tears of joy. Maybe if he'd been that enthusiastic about his future with Belle, they'd have had a chance at winning?

Love Island's Molly Mae
Molly Mae (ITV)

Or perhaps it's better not to play-up the romance for the camera, and just keep it real, like Molly Mae claims to have done this series, despite press accusations to the contrary. It's pretty difficult to watch the show without wondering how genuine the feelings of the cast are - for any of the couples - but luckily a Radio Times reporter got the low-down from the 2019 islanders themselves.

How many seasons of Love Island are there?

There have been five series of Love Island (the non-celebrity version, broadcast 2015 onwards) - that makes a whopping total of 207 episodes so far. Just think of how much suncream was needed for that!

How long is Love Island on for?

Love Island was originally just over five weeks, but it has grown in length and is now lasts eight weeks per series. ITV is even planning on two series in 2020, where a winter version airing in January will be filmed in South Africa.


Where is the Love Island villa and where is it filmed?

The Love Island villa is in Majorca, although the actual location is kept top secret. You can book out Casa Amour for a holiday, though.


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