Where is Love Island filmed and where is the villa?

This is where the Islanders are staying...

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Love Island: SR4: Ep8 on ITV2

Pictured: As night falls over the villa, the Islanders play a game of Dares.

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To Love Island fans, the villa is as familiar as an old friend. Now back for the third series running, it’s the place where most of those eight weeks of cracking on and mugging off between the Islanders take place each year.


But how much do we actually know about where it is? And can you stay there yourself?

Where is Love Island filmed?

While the original 2005 run of the Love Island (the ‘celebrity’ version, if you can remember that far back) was filmed on Armstrong Island, Fiji, the incarnation we all know and love today is based on the Spanish Balearic Island of Majorca.

In series one and two, the villa used was based in Ses Salines, a property owned by a French businessman modelled to look identical to another of his properties over in France.

In series three, the show moved to the east of the island near Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, where it’s remained since.

Have there been any changes to the Love Island villa for series five?

The series three and four Love Island villa is back for series five, and while it will still look pretty familiar there are plenty of little touches and flourishes to keep an eye out for, alongside some more major decorative changes.

Read our full report on the behind-the-scenes secrets of the new Love Island villa here to find out about secret doors, design updates and classic Love Island catchphrases dotted about the place.

Can you rent the Love Island villa and stay there on holiday?

The exact location of the Love Island villa is kept under wraps, so holidaying there might be difficult. But we do know that it’s not very far at all from the ‘secret’ second villa, Casa Amor, where the boys have traditionally been sent to meet a new bevvy of girls – and that is available to rent…

Where is Casa Amor and how can you rent it?

Secondary villa Casa Amor – otherwise known as Arta East & South East – is apparently only a short walk from the main Love Island villa, in the shadow of the Levante Hills.

Arta East & South East will set you back between £4,572 and £8,128 per week, depending on when you book, so its a good job it sleeps up to eight people who can split the bill.

According to the listing, the villa offers “five bathrooms – so you don’t have to compete with who gets in the shower first – and a private pool for you to relax and cool down. Best of all, it has stunning views across the countryside”.

Book a stay at Casa Amor

At the moment, it’s TBC whether Casa Amor will be making its return for the fifth series, but if it does, it’s possible there will be some changes to how it’s used. Find out more here.


Love Island continues weekdays and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2

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