We may have only just entered Week Two of Love Island 2021 but it's already heating up – with the contestants getting their first trip to the hideaway in tonight's episode!

ITV has revealed that Jake Cornish and Liberty Poole become the first couple to step foot in the private hideaway, after their fellow islanders decided to let them spend its opening night in there together.

"So, the hideaway is open for the first time in 2021. I'm excited to see what it looks like and see what happens," Liberty says in the Beach Hut, before heading inside and receiving a massage from Jake as they get to know each other and talk about their previous relationships.

Their romantic evening is somewhat spoiled however when Jake delivers a rather brutal confession over brunch the next morning, telling Liberty that he's open to getting to know other girls.

Love Island

"If there was a girl who came in here who was my type, and you know my type, I would want to get to know her," he tells her. "We're here for the same reason. If there was a lad and he was your type, you would still get to know him."

While Jake and Liberty have often commented that they have so much in common, over the past few episodes we've seen Jake tell the boys in the villa that he's not 100 per cent committed to Liberty, revealing that his head could be turned in last night's episode.

What will Liberty make of Jake's admission? I guess we'll have to find out in tonight's episode of Love Island.

Fans will also be keen to learn whether new islander Rachel Finni picks Northumberland-based labourer Brad McClelland or bucket hat business owner Chuggs Wallis to couple up with, knowing that the contestant who remains single is to be dumped from the island after last night's cliffhanger.

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