They were the first couple to spend the night in Love Island’s Hideaway, and after some very steamy scenes, fans are now convinced that Paige Turley and Finley Tapp “did bits".


On Wednesday night’s episode, the other islanders chose the duo to have some alone time as the Hideaway opened for the first time this series.

After Paige put on a lacy two-piece and Finn had a quick shower, the pair headed to the Hideaway.

They could be seen joking around with a feather duster and flavoured body lotion, before having some pillow talk.

"How many days have you been in here?’ Paige asked Finn, who replied "12 days?"

Paige then said: "And what part of that did you realise you fancied me?" to which he replied: "When I said 'hello'."

He added: "I know it is soppy, but now that we're so close, I couldn't imagine day to day in here without you, if that makes sense."

The footage then cut to clips of the rest of the islanders sleeping, before returning to Paige and Finn sporting some major bed hair the next morning.

Viewers are now certain the pair got up to a lot more than sleeping during their night in the Hideaway.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Paige and Finn are the first Love Island couple to do bits!"

Echoing the same sentiment, another shared a dancing emoji with the caption: “Finn and Paige are doing bits.”

A third wrote: “Paige and Finn in the hideaway giving me all they feels. If they don’t make the final I will eat my hat."

Love Island's Paige and Finn (©ITV)

So what really went down in the hideaway?

While it's unclear whether the couple went all the way, Paige appeared to hint at the two getting a little frisky as she told the girls the morning after: “I mean there was like kissing.”

Finn, however, was a true gent and didn’t kiss and tell.

"It was, I just told her like at the minute I would struggle to think of myself in here to not be in a couple with her. It’s exciting I’m really happy,” he could be heard telling the boys.


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