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Love Island's Ollie would have swapped the villa for Sandhurst if it wasn't for this one thing

Life could have been very different for Ollie Williams…

Published: Sunday, 12th January 2020 at 5:10 pm

This Sunday, 12 new singletons will head into the Love Island villa for a chance at finding love.


The ITV show, which first aired in 2015, has proved to be a great success with many contestants going on to land huge deals and forge successful careers for themselves.

But for land owner Ollie Williams – who is one of the first contestants stepping into South African villa – life could have taken a very different route to reality TV.

Before signing up to the ITV dating show, the 23-year-old had plans of serving in the army - and he was due to train at Sandhurst College this very week.

However, after suffering a knee injury from playing rugby, Ollie’s dreams were crushed.

Speaking to in South Africa, he said: “I should’ve been going to Sandhurst on Monday. How weird is that? I’m as fit as I possibly could be - I run 20 miles a week, I have no issues, I’m in the gym every day, I’m not a problem, but they just said no because they have the rule here that anyone who has this injury cannot go in.”

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He added: “It was pretty tough because going to Sandhurst is the classic middle-class back-up plan. For that to be taken away, I’ve now got to twiddle my thumbs and sit at home and take more of a managerial role when dad steps back or I’ve got to take a desk job, and I couldn’t think of anything worse frankly. It’s really not me. I know everyone says that but I’m not a desk job kind of guy.”

Ollie might have had to give up his dream of Sandhurst, but that’s not to say he’s given up his “army mentality”, which he’ll be showcasing in the villa.

“I’d describe myself as an alpha dog in most aspects of my life. I’d describe myself as a leader. I’d definitely be up for coordinating challenges. I’d say I like more of a leading role,” he said.

One thing Ollie won’t stand for is trolls, admitting he’s dealt with bullies in the past.

“I’m thick skinned. I grew up with a sticks and stones mentality with my parents,” he said.

“People used to call me names quite a lot, but I’m pretty thick skinned. You can see a horrible message straight away and you just don’t read it. I don’t really comment on it, I just crack on.”


Love Island launches Sunday 12th January at 9pm and continues weeknights and Sundays on ITV2


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