Love Island’s Georgia and Sam COULD recouple again

The former couple have been barred from getting together at the next recoupling ceremony. But, as we've found out, it's not a lifetime ban...

Love Island - dumping twist - Georgia and Sam

When Love Island‘s Georgia and Sam were split up as part of a big twist on the ITV2 show, they were told they couldn’t pick each other at the next recoupling ceremony.


However, it turns out that the pair don’t have a lifetime ban in the villa of getting back together. can reveal that the only rule that has been imposed on Sam and Georgia is that they can’t recouple at the *next* ceremony.

So it’s possible that if the pair of them do want to prove their, um, loyalty – and prove Jack and Dani wrong by treating this as a test and eventually get back together – they’re free to.

It’s just that Georgia has been cracking on with Josh Mair, after saying he and other new boy in the villa Paul Knops were “fit”. She even said it twice to be sure we got the message.

Although a preview clip of Wednesday’s episode also shows Sam and Georgia still being close with one another and kissing – something that the producers aren’t going to stop them from doing.

“I’m struggling like big time,” Sam says to Georgia about being apart from one another. As she kisses him, he adds: “No, you’re not meant to do that.”

She replies: “Are you being serious?” before the pair go in for a massive snog. Maybe Georgia’s going to show she’s loyal after all?

They’re not the only ones getting close – New Jack and New Laura are also seen cracking on and kissing, not long after Jack called time on his budding relationship with Old Laura.


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2