Millions tune into I'm A Celebrity year after year to see what the contestants will have to do each episode to win some meals for their campmates.

Each episode, contestants are chosen by the public to take on challenges known as Bushtucker Trials.

The more stars they collect during a task, the more meals they win. However, if they fail to win any stars they'll have to survive of rice and beans.

With I'm A Celebrity 2020 set to kick off on Sunday November 15th, we took a look back at some of the most gruesome challenges.

From eating animal testicles to being trapped under ground with snakes, this is what the I'm A Celebrity 2020 line-up could be in store for.

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The eating trials

When it comes to Bushtucker trials, the eating challenges have to be the most entertaining (and sickening) to watch. Over the past 20 years, hosts Ant and Dec have got the contestants to eat some shocking things from witchetty grub to an actual bull's penis. Perhaps two of the most frightening moments of the series, however, is when Adam Thomas put a live spider in his mouth, and when The Only Way is Essex's Ferne McCann had to eat a live tarantula. They're both ingrained in our memory to this day.

The Dentalist

Back in 2010, Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins had to sit and put alive and kicking insects in their mouths for 20 seconds including grasshoppers, giant burrowing cockroaches, water spiders, yabbies and a stick insect. Our skin is crawling just thinking about it.

Bed bugs challenge

Just when you thought sleeping on those camp beds was bad enough, think again. I'm A Celebrity made contestants come face-to-face with their biggest fears in the Bed Bugs Challenge, which sees the contestants being stuck in with the worst creepy crawlies imaginable for the night. We can't forget Ashley Roberts' commentary of the rats who invaded her bed.

Fill Your Face trial

The I'm A Celebrity Fill Your Face trial has got to be one of the most memorable challenges. Back in 2011, Fatima Whitbread got a cockroach stuck up her nose during this challenge, after she was made to put her head in a tank filled with the creepy crawlies. She needed assistance from Dr Bob to get it out.

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Drown and Out

Drown and Out has got to be one of the most horrifying challenge to come out of I'm A Celebrity. The crew stick a celeb in a tank, lock them in, and then fill it up with water. Then they shove a load of creepy crawlies in there with them. We have to give Melanie Sykes praise for completely owning it and overcoming her fears back in 2014.

The Catacombs of Doom

Similar to The Bed Bugs Challenge, but in a dark, confined space instead, this challenge sees celebs having to enjoy the company of a bucket load of insects and rodents while in the pitch black.

The challenge is so terrifying, Kendra Wilkinson fully backed out in series 14. And those that did to it, didn't much better (ahem, Tinchy Stryder.)

Car Cruel Caraoke

In 2017, Vanessa White and Jennie McAlpine took on the Car Cruel Caraoke challenge where one of them at to hum songs while they had a bunch of critters in their mouth, and the other had to guess the song name correctly. Gross!

John Trevolt-ing

An I'm A Celebrity classic, the John Trevolt-ing sees celebs having to stand in a box with five compartments for their head, arms and legs. Creatures are then poured into each segment one by one and the contestant will have to endure the creepy crawlies in each part for two minutes, before more are added. We can hear Kim Woodburn shouting that her bosom was being "eaten" like it was yesterday.

Panic Pit

Back in 2015, Ferne had to lay underground with at least forty snakes surrounding her. And if you thought that was bad, then an arm-sized beast joined the former TOWIE star and they turned the lights off right when it wrapped itself around her neck.

You can watch the clip here.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! starts on Sunday November 15th on ITV at 9pm. If you're looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV Guide.