Without a doubt, The Great British Bake Off has given us many memorable moments.


From the good bakes to culinary disasters, we've seen it all over the 10 years of the show which has moved from BBC to Channel 4 throughout its life.

But do you remember all of these classic moments?

1. #Bingate

Ah, Bingate. Truly one of the most shocking moments to have ever happened on The Great British Bake Off involved one disastrous Baked Alaska and one potentially guilty party. Diana may or may not have removed Iain's creation from the freezer prematurely, meaning his melted when he took the tin case from around it off. Putting his offering in a bin, we'll never forget Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood's faces when he walked up to the presenting table, bin in hand. Priceless.

2. Norman

So good he doesn't need any other introduction, it goes without saying Norman was one of our favourites. In a bid to jazz up his bakes after being told he needed to up his flavours, Norman the Great decided he was going to use an "exotic" ingredient... pesto. Protect him at all costs.

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Bake Off Norman

3. Custardgate

The second of our "-gates" saw a shocking piece of misunderstanding as Deborah thought Howard's custard was her own and got very upset about the whole thing. Bake Off labelled her creation: "Deborah's Tropical Trifle with Howard's Custard" in a mark of pure hilarity. Although it was a light moment on the show, viewers were pretty angry over the whole thing and Twitter was alive with the sound of outcry.

Bake Off Custardgate

4. Nancy's savage remarks

We loved Nancy and nothing sums up her time on Great British Bake Off better than her interactions with Paul. Branding him "the Male Judge", we can't help but applaud Nancy's sass and her talent, as she went on to win season five. A true queen!

Nancy Birtwhistle

5. James Acaster

Comedian James' entire Celebrity Bake Off episode was filled with blunders as it turned out he really didn't know what he was doing. We recommend watching his best bits because it's really something to behold.

6. Nadiya's winning speech

Nadiya not only served up the best reactions we've ever seen on Bake Off, but also one of the most emotional winning speeches ever. After claiming the trophy in season six, she told cameras while fighting tears: "It's weird because I'm never proud of myself, but I'm actually really proud of myself."


7. Paul's bread lion

The creator of GBBO memes everywhere, Paul's bread lion became iconic. He was tasked with creating a character in the notoriously difficult bread week and although he bagged a Hollywood handshake he didn't get the coveted star baker that week.

Bake Off Lion

8. Fondantgate

As if we didn't have enough "-gates" in this list, we can't ignore the absolute scandal from season five which saw Enwezor reluctantly admit that his fondant had come from... wait... a shop. Cue gasps from around the nation as Mary offered him a look that could only read as pure disappointment.

Bake Off Fondantgate

9. Sandi steps up

After Big Narstie fell ill and had to withdraw from the Celebrity Bake Off episode he was in, trust Sandi Toksvig stepped up and took his place - and didn't she do well, even bagging a Hollywood handshake! Nice one Sandi!

Sandi Toksvig, Bake Off (C4)
Channel 4

10. Selasi... Just Selasi

He was everyone's absolute favourite baker, mainly because of how cool, calm and collected he was throughout the competition. Always with a smile on his face, Selasi was the first to help his fellow competitors and left us feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Aww.


11. John's bitter mistake

He was doing so well and even won the show in 2012, but we can't ignore that memorable time John accidentally used salt in a cake instead of sugar and fed it to a very disgusted Paul. The shame!

Bake Off John

12. Matt's baked icing

Oh Matt. Always donning a pencil behind his ear, we thought he had the answers to everything. That was, until, one pesky technical challenge which saw him try to bake his icing, much to the surprise of Nadiya. Freezer, Matt. Freezer.

Bake Off Matt

13. Joe Lycett's tipple

Clearly feeling the decadence of it all, comedian Joe decided to have a light refreshment during his Celebrity Bake Off special and poured himself a mug of champagne. Chin chin!

14. Cathyrn's doughy mistake

In a bid to mimic the dough master Paul, Cathryn threw her creation up into the air, before dropping it on the floor dramatically. Cue Mary, who said she would eat a bit of carpet, as you do.

15. Val's dancing

Up there with Norman the Great, we have Val the Greatest. The adorable contestant always baked "with love" and found the best way to cook was to dance around her oven and hope for a nice rise. Can we invite Val back for every season?

Bake Off Val

16. Lee Mack's blue glove

Comedian Lee tried his best on Celebrity Bake Off, but unfortunately, he just couldn't get to grips with a pesky apple. He ended up spilling his actual blood over the fruit and had to wear a blue glove for the rest of the episode. It's the taking part that counts!

17. Helena and Noel's friendship

We loved seeing the spooky duo find each other and their friendship became so sweet and lovely that Noel couldn't hide his emotions when Helena was eliminated. We're not crying, you are.

Bake Off Helena (Channel 4)

18. Howard's flat muffin

One of Sue Perkins' finest moments came when she perched on Howard's desk to have a nice, innocent, chat. Except she accidentally rested her elbow on one of his muffins that he needed for the challenge. Thankfully, beloved Howard was quick to laugh off the blunder and it didn't change his position in the competition.

Bake Off Muffin

19. Prue drops a bombshell

Cast your minds back to the day of the Great British Bake Off season eight finale. We were all waiting eagerly to see who would come out triumphant but it seemed we didn't have to hold out that long, after all, as Prue Leith accidentally revealed the winner early on Twitter. Whoops!

The Great British Bake Off 2018 - Prue Leith