From Chris and Kem’s bromance to Casa Amor: the 9 most talked-about moments from Love Island

We crown the biggest melts and the best grafters as series three of Love Island draws to a close

Best Romance – Kem and Chris (runners-up: Theo and himself)

There’s only been one true love between two islanders on the show this year: Kem and Chris. Between the haircuts, the heart-to-hearts, Kem nursing Chris when he was ill, the rapping, the synchonised swimming and the crying, the pair have proven their love is stronger and more genuine than any of the other couples on the entire series. Heck, even Kem’s mum seemed more excited to meet Chris than she was to meet Amber.


Even Liv went so far as to say: “imagine coming on Love Island and meeting a boy who feels about you the way they do about each other”. Exactly. True love comes but once in a lifetime, and with the pair talking about collaborating with Stormzy, being best men at each other’s weddings and getting matching infinity anklets to prove their love, it seems like both have found at least one deep and meaningful relationship from their time on the show.

And remember, nothing says true love like shaving your initials into your best mate’s pubes.

Runner-up: Theo and himself. There was only one person who had eyes for Theo in the Love Island villa, and that was Theo.

Best use of Kleenex – Camilla (runner-up: Chris; Highly Commended: Tyla)

Get your filthy mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about the amount of tears that were shed over the past seven weeks, and the undisputed biggest baller has got to be Camilla.


Whether it was the whole drama over Jonny and Tyla, thinking she wasn’t good enough for Jamie after the lie detector test or having to settle on a couple to be dumped, Camilla’s lip was never far from a wobble and more water came out of her eyes than in that whole infinity pool combined.

Runner-up: Despite being told by Olivia not to cry (charming), Chris was often seen having a bit of a blub and all it did was make viewers’ hearts melt as he cried over Olivia, baby Cash Hughes, Olivia again or his mum. It was adorable, and during his time in the villa he undoubtedly had one of the biggest turnarounds from villain to hero – thanks in part to being so in touch with his emotional side.

Highly Commended: How can we not give another shout out to Tyla. It was short, it was sharp. But she must’ve used more tissues than Camilla and Chris combined as she balled her eyes out when Jonny left the villa. Although she was soon drying them on Mike’s face.


Best Reaction Face – Montana when Camilla said she’d had sex (runner-up: Amber’s eyes)

Montana pulled plenty of amazing faces during her time in the villa, but undoubtedly this was the best. After Camilla and Jamie’s night in the Hideaway, the girls were desperate to find out exactly what happened. Cam and Jamie decided to play a bit of a joke and lied about going the whole hog together. The girls were left screaming – and Montana’s face was a sight to behold.

Runner-up: Amber’s eyes. Whether they are rolling or popping, Amber has always communicated exactly what she is thinking or feeling through the medium of her eyeballs. Here they are when Georgia coupled up with Kem. Oops.


Worst sartorial effort – Boys dressed as the bed (runner-up: Sam and his pool sliders)

There’s no two ways about it: the Love Island boys love a ripped jean and a loafer sans sock. They’re all at it. But this proved to be a particularly low fashion moment in the villa when Chris, Kem and Dom all opted for identical outfits that blended them exactly into the bed.

We’re not saying all of the boys on the show fit an identikit mould but this is just ridiculous…

Runner-up: Pool sliders are a contentious fashion decision at the best of times. Everyone’s wearing them at the moment, but then everyone had a mullet in the 80s. During both of his stays in the villa, it seemed like there wasn’t a moment when Sam wasn’t without his trusty white plastic footwear.


While everyone around him traversed the villa barefoot, Sam always schlepped about in these white monstrosities.

Maybe he was just really worried about catching a verruca?

Did Sam only bring one pair of white sliders??? He hasn’t worn any of shoe ?? #LoveIsland

— em☯ (@emma_hamX) July 19, 2017

The ‘no-one actually saw that, did they?’ Special Award – Marcel kissing Shannen in Casa Amor (runner-up: Jamie’s cigarette fail)

During a challenge in Casa Amor, a text commanded that the oldest members of the villa had to snog for five seconds. Fair enough, there was no getting out of that one. But when Marcel also received a text saying that one of the boys – ANY boy – had to French kiss a girl for five seconds, we were left in disbelief. Before his mouth had even finished reading out the text, it was on Shannen’s face and the pair were having it right off with barely a thought for Gabby.

Marcel’s face said it all. Looking almost straight down the camera he realised that yep, we’d all seen it. And yep, Gabby was bound to find out.

Runner-up: Jamie can do almost anything. He can cook, dance, sing, play the guitar and look great with his top off. But the one thing he can’t do is smoke a cigarette, sticking the lit end in his mouth which prompted him to flail around for just a second.

He swiftly regained his composure and looked around to double-check no-one had seen him. Don’t worry Jamie, only two million people caught your embarrassing moment.


Love Island’s live final airs at 9pm on ITV2