Two more housemates have been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Following a "fake eviction", which saw Jordan, Tom and Jenkin sent to a secret house as they watched over the rest of the Big Brother 2023 housemates and had their say on the tasks, the public vote was revealed.

"As you can can see, Tom, Jordan and Jenkin have not been evicted. For the past 48 hours, they have been secretly watching you and influencing tasks," Big Brother revealed.

"For the past 24 hours, the public have been voting to evict two of them. They will be evicted now and this time, forever."

The two contestants with the most votes were then booted out of the house.

Read on for everything you need to know about this week's eviction and all the contestants who have left so far.

Who left Big Brother 2023? All the evicted housemates

Jenkin and Tom - Evicted in episode 33

A split image of Big Brother 2023 contestants Jenkin and Tom for the promotional photos
Jenkin and Tom. ITV

After being fake evicted into a secret house, Jenkin and Tom were officially eliminated from Big Brother.

The pair had been put up for the fake eviction along with Jordan, and were secretly watching the rest of the housemates and influencing tasks.

The public vote was then opened, and as they received the most votes, it was revealed that Tom and Jenkin would be going home - while Jordan returned to the main house to join the rest of the cast.

Trish - Evicted in episode 30

Big Brother 2023 contestant Trish
Big Brother 2023 contestant Trish ITV

Trish was the eighth contestant to be evicted from the Big Brother house during Friday's double elimination.

The full-time mum from Luton had been a firm fan favourite for saying it how it is, however, she found herself up for eviction after clashing with some of the other housemates.

Chanelle - Evicted in episode 30

Big Brother 2023 contestant Chanelle
Big Brother 2023 contestant Chanelle ITV

Chanelle became the seventh contestant to be eliminated from the Big Brother house on Friday 10th November.

Dylan - episode 24

Dylan for Big Brother 2023
Dylan for Big Brother 2023 ITV/Initial TV

Dylan was the sixth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. During his time in the house, he clashed with Trish and often made food for the rest of the house.

Dylan, 39, is a DJ from Coventry.

Paul - episode 24

Big Brother 2023 contestant Paul
Big Brother 2023 contestant Paul ITV

Paul was the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Following his eviction, he was met with "boos" from the public.

Paul, 23, is a security officer from Liverpool.

Kerry - evicted in episode 21

Kerry for Big Brother 2023
ITV/Initial TV

Kerry was the fourth contestant to be evicted from the Big Brother House. During her time in the house, she clashed with contestants including Farida who left in Week 1.

She was also warned by Big Brother for using offensive language.

Kerry, 40, is an NHS manager from Essex.

Hallie - Evicted in Episode 18

Hallie in Big Brother wearing a brown top, standing in front of a colourful background
Hallie in Big Brother. ITV

Youth worker Hallie, 18, became the third housemate to leave Big Brother, after receiving four nominations from Chanelle, Jenkin, Jordan and Tom.

While young, Hallie didn't want to be babied in the house, saying ahead of her time on the show: "Check yourself before you wreck yourself."

In episode 2, Hallie shared her truth as she came out as transgender to her housemates.

"Hey, guys, I just have something to say. Yesterday I feel like I wasn’t being 100% authentic in myself," she said.

"I thought I’d let everyone know I’m trans, if you didn’t know already. I just thought I’d make that loud and clear. I’m a trans woman, if you didn’t know."

Zak - Evicted in episode 12

Zak holding the collar of his shirt and standing in front of the Big Brother eye
Zak on Big Brother 2023. ITV/Initial TV

Model Zak, 28, was the second contestant be evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday 20th October.

Originally from Thailand, Zak currently lives in Manchester.

When asked why he decided to sign up for the show, Zak said: "I feel like it's one of those shows where you can get your personality across and I've got one of those personalities I feel the world needs to see."

Prior to his exit, Zak clashed with some of the housemates over some of the comments he made.

Zak received five nominations from Hallie, Kerry, Chanelle, Jenkin and Henry.

Farida - Evicited in episode 6

Big Brother 2023 contestant Farida
Big Brother 2023 contestant Farida ITV

Farida, 50, from Wolverhampton was the first contestant to be kicked out of the Big Brother house for the ITV reboot.

The make-up artist was the second contestant to enter the house after Jenkin, 25, from Bridgend.

Describing herself as a "very proud muslim" who "loves praying five times a day", Farida joined the show as she felt Asian women were underrepresented on TV.

"I'm very proud of who I am and I feel like Asian women and Asian culture is underrepresented on TV. A lot of people think that wearing a headscarf might stop you from having opportunities, whereas for me, it's been completely the opposite. I embrace it with confidence and it's actually given me lots of opportunities. I want to let people know that us Muslims, we really aren't suppressed. I'm far from suppressed - I used to be a holiday rep!" she said.

Farida clashed with a few of the contestants during her time in the house, including Olivia and Kerry. Olivia complained to the other contestants after Farida ate some of her fish from her plate, while Kerry was unimpressed when Farida revealed that she has online channel on which she shares beauty tips.

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"To watch you?" Kerry asked in disbelief.

"Yeah! My video all go viral. I've got like 300, 400,000 views just on one video," a defiant Farida replied.

Big Brother airs on ITV2 and ITVX. Live evictions also air on ITV1.

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