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Meet Thomas Skinner, Apprentice 2019 candidate and pillow company owner

The bed store owner is trying to land his dream business partner, Lord Sugar

Published: Wednesday, 18th December 2019 at 7:03 pm

BOSH! Thomas Skinner: he’s a pillow and mattress salesman, a candidate on The Apprentice and – we should warn you now – a self-described “full-time geeza”.


Selling on the markets from the age of 16, Thomas is confident he’ll come out top on the BBC business competition and win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.

Here’s all you need to know about Thomas, one of the contestants returning to this year's final.

Thomas Skinner: The Key Facts

Age: 28

Occupation: Owner, The Fluffy Pillow Company

Instagram: @iamtomskinner

LinkedIn: Thomas Skinner

What is Thomas Skinner’s job?

Although he lists his job as a “professional beer drinker” on Instagram, Skinner is actually the owner of The Fluffy Pillow Company, a business selling beds, mattresses and – you guessed it – pillows.

According to his company website, after “countless hours of experimentation”, Skinner developed his own memory-foam pillow, complete with its “own special comfort recipe”.

Judging by his Instagram, Skinner spends his earnings from the company on trips to Dubai, custom cufflinks and boxing gym classes. However, looking at the picture below, he still hasn’t splashed out on pillow covers.

As Skinner also says on his LinkedIn, from 2010 to 2018 he was the owner of Essex Furniture Ltd, a now-dissolved company. Skinner was also the director of two other businesses before 2019, both of which are now dissolved.

What are Thomas Skinner’s skills?

According to the man himself, his “sharp”, “streetwise” character is responsible for his successes. However, don’t count on him to organise an effective business strategy. “I just do everything on impulse. When I plan, I always get it wrong,” he admits.

In other words, as long as Thomas doesn’t have to, say, submit a detailed business plan for Lord Sugar’s explicit approval, he should be completely fine.

When did Thomas Skinner get fired?

Thomas made it all the way to week nine, where he was eliminated for his role in the musical management task.

Fortunately, that was after he gifted Apprentice viewers one the greatest inventions of all time: Tommy the Turtle.


The Apprentice is on 9pm Wednesday 2nd October, BBC One 


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