One of Us: Who are the main suspects?

Ben Dowell looks at the most likely candidates in the BBC drama


So who killed childhood sweethearts Grace Douglas and Adam Elliot in BBC drama One of Us?


While viewers think they know who was responsible, there seems to be more to their killings than first met the eye.

The two were found brutally murdered in their Edinburgh home, their killer Lee Walsh standing by with a knife in his hand. But then, of course, the murderer stole a car and hotfooted it to rural Scotland where he crashed near the homes of the grieving families. Badly injured, he is kept prisoner only to be killed himself on the first night.

So who killed him? And was he working for someone else when he killed Adam and Grace?

It’s time to take a look at the main suspects.

Rob Elliot (Joe Dempsie)


Reasons he may be guilty?

He lied and had not called the emergency services as he said he had when Lee Walsh emerged bloodied into the family’s lives. He also tried to kill him when he saw Walsh on the rainy road trying to escape. Also, his mother Louise found the knife which had apparently been used to slit Walsh’s throat in the fireplace in his room. He also confessed to the killing. These things have a habit of stacking up. It could easily be Rob…

Reasons he may be innocent?

He seems too obvious a suspect, especially following his confession at the end of episode three. Surely it can’t be him?

Anna (Georgina Campbell)


Reasons she may be guilty?

A rape victim, she may have become so overwhelmed by the sight of Adam and Grace’s murderer that she acted. Her rapist is also at large. Maybe Lee Walsh had something to do with the crime she was a victim of? Also, if Rob didn’t put the knife in the fireplace in his room, who does he share a room with? His girlfriend Anna…

Reasons she may be innocent?

She’s only Rob’s girlfriend, not a full-blooded family member, so she has much less personal stake in finishing off Adam and Grace’s killer. She also seems surprisingly level-headed given what she has put up with so far.

Bill Douglas (John Lynch)


Reasons he may be guilty?

A zealous Christian, he may be someone who takes the Biblical injunction of an Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth literally. We saw him remonstrating with Adam at his wedding and saying he was going to hell. What was that about? He clearly loved his daughter as well. Which Dad wouldn’t want to kill the man who took his only little girl away from him? Plus he was very keen to pay off Alastair’s blackmail threats. Would he have done this if it weren’t him?

Reasons he may be innocent?

He’s a zealous Christian and most Christian teaching prohibits murder. Plus he doesn’t seem the impulsive type. And would he really have a hand in the murder of his own daughter?

Alastair (Gary Lewis)


Bill’s employee, a local farmhand

Reasons he may be guilty?

He is clearly a dodgy one, blackmailing Bill for his silence and also having it away with Bill’s wife Moira. Clearly he has secrets. Did he have a hand in the murders of Grace and Adam?

Reasons he may be innocent?

Has less personal stake in all the deaths and seems more of a chancer than anything, who wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise his personal comfort.

Claire Elliot (Joanna Vanderham)


Claire Elliot, compassionate care home worker and sister to the murdered Adam.

Reasons she may be innocent?

Why didn’t Claire stay with the injured Lee Walsh overnight if she was really such a devoted nurse?  Does she have something to hide? And, of course, it seems as if she were especially close to Adam, so perhaps she snapped and plunged the knife in…

Reasons she may be innocent?

The medic put the ethics of her work ahead of her feelings while caring for a man who killed her brother. Plus she seems to be against killing per se, as she has shown at work in her refusal even to countenance the idea of an assisted suicide for one of her terminally ill patients.

Louise Elliott (Juliet Stevenson)


Louise Elliot, Mum to Adam, Claire and their brother Rob. She’s estranged from her husband and has a frosty relationship with Moira Douglas.

Reasons she may be guilty?

A recovering alcoholic who turned to booze after the murder of her son, who would blame her if she snapped and went and finished his killer off? She also has admitted a number of times how glad she is that her son’s killer is dead.

Reasons she may be innocent?

Not our Louise, surely? Her emotional fragility suggests she wouldn’t have the courage or the gumption.

Moira Douglas (Julie Graham)


Moira Douglas, the mother of Grace and wife of Bill.

Reasons she may be guilty?

Again, the killer took away her only daughter. She is also capable of lying, and lying quite well, as her affair with Alastair shows. Also, the drama hasn’t focused on her a great deal, so far. Maybe she has more to hide, with further revelations to come out of the closet?

Reasons she may be innocent?

She seemed genuinely anxious that her son Jamie may have been the killer of Lee Walsh. Unless her character is an accomplished actress, it rather suggests that she knows it wasn’t her.

Jay (Chris Fulton)


Reasons he may be guilty?

Edinburgh drug dealer. That’s reason one. He’s armed and dangerous and he could have followed Walsh up to rural Scotland and finished him off, for reasons we don’t yet know.

Reasons he may be innocent?

Logistics. It’s highly unlikely he could have done that and slipped quietly back to the city. And what would his motive be?

Jamie Douglas (Cristian Ortega)


Brother of the murdered Grace

Reasons he may be guilty?

Well he was seen entering the barn on the night of the killing. So it could easily have been him. Plus he is a strange chap, who we know took a gun into school. He’s also obsessed with Claire Elliot, which may have had something to do with Walsh’s death. Or the death of Adam and Grace…

Reasons he may be innocent?


It seems too obvious to point the finger of blame at the person who was so obviously spotted near the crime scene in episode one. But you never know…