Meet the cast of One of Us

Here’s who’s who in the BBC’s gripping psychological thriller


There’s a storm brewing in Scotland in BBC1’s British crime thriller One of Us – and we’re not just talking about the weather.


Childhood sweethearts Grace Douglas and Adam Elliot lie brutally murdered in their Edinburgh home. Their families, close neighbours in the remote village of Braeston in the Scottish Highlands, are distraught. With a storm raging outside the murderer arrives on their doorstep, badly injured.

Here’s your who’s who guide…

John Lynch


Who does he play? 

Bill Douglas, father to the murdered Grace and married to Moira, Grace’s mother.

Where do I recognise him from? 

Lynch’s acting career spans four decades – take your pick from The Secret Garden, crime drama The Fall, Lassie, and his portrayal of a troubled footballing genius in Best. 

Joanna Vanderham


Who does she play?

Claire Elliot, compassionate care home worker and sister to the murdered Adam.

Where do I recognise her from?

She played a beautiful society girl in Dancing on the Edge and has held prominent roles in What Maisie Knew, The Paradise and period drama series Banished.

Juliet Stevenson


Who does she play?

Louise Elliot, Mum to Adam, Claire and their brother Rob. She’s estranged from her husband and has a frosty relationship with Moira Douglas that borders on animosity.

Where do I recognise her from?

Bend It Like Beckham, Emma, Infamous, Being Julia, The Village and the ever-popular Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Julie Graham


Who does she play?

Moira Douglas, the mother of Grace and wife of Bill.

Where do I recognise her from?


The Bill (she’s appeared in three roles in the long-running crime drama), Survivors, The Bletchley Circle and sitcom Benidorm.