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Olly Murs left flustered by sultry burlesque singer on The Voice: she "did some things to me"

Singer Ivy had the new coach in a spin with her take on Why Don't You Do Right

Ivy Paige and Olly Murs on The Voice UK
Published: Saturday, 13th January 2018 at 8:25 pm

New Voice UK coach Olly Murs was almost lost for words when he came face-to-face with a burlesque singer on Saturday night's show.


Murs turned his chair for Ivy Paige after her rendition of Why Don't You Do Right left him hot under the collar, throwing his jacket across the studio floor in celebration of the fact that he'd secured her for his team.

"I mean..." Murs babbled, "what is your name?". "What's your name?" Paige replied cheekily, leaving Olly's fellow coach Jennifer Hudson looking less than impressed. "My name is Olly" said Murs, motioning to the words beneath his chair without taking his eyes off the singer. "You're name's on the back babe, it's on the back," Hudson reminded him.

"What does that say?" Murs asked Paige, pointing to the words beneath his chair. "I want you" she replied. "Well, you have me" added Murs, cheekily as his fellow coaches observed the scene.

Jennifer Hudson The Voice UK
Jennifer was a little concerned about what the pair would get up to (ITV)

As Murs realised he'd shed his microphone with his jacket, Paige offered to share hers, stepping down off the stage to join him on his seat. "What kind of coaching are y'all going to be doing there?" asked Hudson, looking somewhat concerned.

"I'm not going to lie" admitted a flustered Murs as Tom Jones and chuckled: "I don't know where to look right now".

Olly adjusts his microphone as Ivy joins him on his chair (ITV)

"Aside from the fact that you look amazing and you did some things to me... listen, you were brilliant. Absolutely fantastic," Murs said. "I love that style of music and I feel like you reached over, your body reached over to me and pushed that button for me, so I'm really happy you did and we're going to have a lot of fun... coaching you."

"Do any of the coaches want to say anything?" asked Olly. "Y'all didn't leave no room for us to say nothing" Jennifer replied. "We can't say anything after that" added Sir Tom Jones with a raised eyebrow.

"Ma'am, do you want to go back up on the stage please?" Hudson asked Paige. "I want you to sit down" she told Murs, "this is a family show, thank you".

Hudson went on to compliment Paige for the power of her performance, admitting that she'd been a little seduced by her too. "I know I don't go that way," Hudson continued, "but you've got me real calm. You know your craft because you really seduced him."

Who is Ivy Paige?

37-year-old Paige knows her craft well indeed. She's been working on the burlesque and cabaret circuit for years and is a seasoned performer.

You can find her on Instagram @TheIvyPaige and on Twitter @TheIvyPaige.


The Voice UK continues on ITV on Saturday nights


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