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Meet the cast of Casualty

A who's who of the Holby City ED, with all you need to know about the characters and the stars who play them.

Published: Saturday, 8th August 2015 at 7:50 pm

Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson)


Number of years in the ED: 34


Who?: Charlie Fairhead is pretty much synonymous with Casualty, having been in the show since its very beginning. As the Emergency Nurse Practitioner Charlie has been involved in some interesting cases and many of the hospital staff really admire him. Charlie is very caring but can be tough as well; he definitely won’t stand for any nonsense.

Memorable moments: Over the years Charlie has been dragged into all sorts of mayhem in the A&E but the most heartbreaking decision he has had to make was to assist friend Megan in her suicide. Charlie has also spent plenty of time battling with his son Louis, taking on the responsibility of caring for him after his wife Baz died in a car accident.

Previous roles: Thompson is best known for the part of Charlie Fairhead, having starred in spin-off shows Holby City and Holby Blue as the very same character. He’s also had roles in Minder and Bergerac, as well as playing Detective Sergeant Jimmy Fenton in The Gentle Touch during the 80s.

Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing)

Number of years in the ED: 7

Who?: General Lead Connie Beauchamp is one of the most formidable Clinical Lead's the ED has ever seen. She’s pushed throughout her life to get recognition for her talents and now that she’s made it to the top she isn’t going to let go. Connie is currently taking a break from Holby to spend time with her daughter, Grace, but she'll be back.

Memorable moments: Connie used to be the Clinical Lead of Cardiothoracic Surgery in Holby City and despite having moved to the ED relatively recently she’s had her fair share of drama, from clashing with Zoe to catching the eye of some of the younger doctors. Most recently Connie was involved in a euthanasia scandal after an elderly friend of hers tragically passed away. Although the majority of the staff were sympathetic towards Connie she was arrested after nurse Rita tampered with vital evidence in her office.

Previous roles: Mealing is most well known for her time as Connie in Holby City but she’s also made appearances in Four Weddings and a Funeral and Law and Order: UK. Back in the 90s she starred as Kate in mini-series Jake’s Progress with Robert Lindsay and also as Ruth Manning in Russell T Davies’ show The Grand.

Dylan Keogh (William Beck)

Number of years in the ED: 10

Who?: A Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Dylan joined the show in 2011 but had a two-year break, returning to the ED in late 2014. He’s a very cynical character with a dry sense of humour and though he isn’t necessarily the most fun to be around he is a great doctor – if you’ve got a strange and rare disease then Dr Keogh will definitely ensure the correct diagnosis.

Memorable moments: Dylan finds it hard to read patients and often keeps them at arm’s length which led to the death of paramedic Polly when he failed to notice signs of PTSD in a patient. When Dylan’s registrar wife Sam landed a job at the ED he pretended that she didn’t exist and it wasn’t until a fire led to him needing a next of kin that the ED discovered the truth about Sam and Dylan’s relationship, which eventually caused him to leave.

Previous roles: Beck recently had a role in ITV’s period drama The Great Fire as Richard Smith and played one of Little John’s gang, Roy, in BBC drama Robin Hood. He’s also made appearances in Hustle, Whitechapel and Death in Paradise. 

David Hide (Jason Durr)

david hide casualty

Number of years in the ED: 5

Who?: David is a hard-working nurse who cares deeply about his job. He's a brilliant listener too, and many underestimated him when he first joined the ED. David has bipolar, which has been explored in various storylines.

Memorable moments: David struck up a bromance with the unlikeliest of candidates, Dr Dylan Keogh, which we all loved. He has a son, Ollie, from a previous marriage, who he hates being apart from, and he even kidnapped him at one point. Their relationship is much better now.

Previous roles: Before Casualty, Jason's biggest role was in nostalgic ITV drama, Heartbeat, in which he played PC Mike Bradley, a lovable copper solving crime on the Yorkshire moors. He's also popped up in Midsomer Murders, Marple, Lewis and New Tricks.

Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson)

Number of years in the ED: 8

Who?: Band 5 Nurse Robyn is a friendly and bubbly character. She’s great at caring for patients, finding it much easier to look after them than to deal with the more academic side of her job. She’s a chatterbox so even though she’s a great friend if you have any secrets it’s probably best not to let her in on them.

Memorable moments: Robyn has constantly shown herself to be a kind and thoughtful woman, helping both Lofty and her stepbrother Max get jobs within the ED. More recently Robyn has been embroiled in an unrequited love storyline with friend Lofty who doesn’t quite reciprocate her feelings whilst also being romantically involved with courier Zach.

Previous roles: Casualty is Henderson’s big break with only previous shows Mount Pleasant and Wild Bill to add to her TV CV.

Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford)

Number of years in the ED: 7

Who?: Registrar Ethan is very academic and relatively shy. He has lived in the shadow of his brother Cal for a long time and struggles to come out of his shell. He is a loveable character and definitely the type of thorough doctor that you’d want to be in charge of your case.

Memorable moments: When Ethan arrived at the ED he was struggling to cope with the death of his mother and Cal’s appearance left him with no end of problems. During the accident, which resulted in the death of Jeff, Ethan was taken unconscious to the ED where his brother performed a life-saving operation on him. Ethan is very pro-active within the department and presented a cost-cutting proposal to Connie, which Cal later stole.

Previous roles: Casualty isn’t the first time that Rainsford has worked with bodies, previously starring as Jimmy in Call the Midwife and Luke in Waking the Dead. He’s had a few smaller roles too, as Tim in Secret Diary of a Call Girl and as a waiter in British film Wild Target.

Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson)

iain casualty

Number of years in the ED: 8

Who?: Paramedic Iain is a little over-confident and needs to be kept in line by the other staff. An ex-army man he occasionally struggles with the differences between Afghanistan and Holby, still wanting to be the hero. He’s a man’s man but that doesn’t mean he isn’t caring.

Memorable moments: He arrived in 2012 as an army colleague of Dylan’s wife Sam, returning later as a student paramedic. He proved his worth to the team during a bus crash where he rescued a patient moments before the vehicle exploded. Fans still look back fondly on his romance with Dr Lily Chao, but unfortunately she left Holby to pursue her career goals.

Previous roles: Stevenson played Marcus in the second series of The Syndicate and has produced the short films A Thousand Empty Glasses, The Outside In and Simon Says.

Jan Jenning (Di Botcher)

Number of years in the ED: 3

Who?: A diligent paramedic, Jan is the Operational Duty Manager, meaning she is in charge at the ambulance station. When she arrived she was seen as quite the taskmaster, and Iain wasn't too impressed, but she soon settled in and we've seen a softer side to her too.

Memorable moments: Jan always shows incredible loyalty to her team and has put her neck on the line to save their jobs more than once. Jan has a grown-up son, Ross, who has been admitted to the ED more than once as a result of his drug addiction, leaving her devastated.

Previous roles: Botcher has appeared in many TV and film roles over the years. You might remember her as Marion in sketch show Little Britain, as Aunty Brenda in Ruth Jones sitcom Stella or as Nana Margie in BBC Three series In My Skin.

Jacob Masters (Charles Venn)

Programme Name: Casualty - Portraits - TX: n/a - Episode: Casualty - Portraits (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Jacob Masters (CHARLES VENN) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Emilie Sandy

Number of years in the ED: 6

Who?: Senior Staff Nurse Jacob has ruffled feathers since he joined the ED. He’s impulsive and bossy but nonetheless pretty impressive.

Memorable moments: When he first entered the ED he made a strong impression on the staff by demanding treatment for his sick friend, muscling his way into the department. Whilst having only been in the show a matter of weeks at the time of writing, the Casualty summer trailer has teased the possibility of a future romance with Connie.

Previous roles: For soap fans Venn will be most recognisable as Bianca Butcher’s ex-flame Ray in EastEnders, as Tremaine Gidigbi in Footballer’s Wives and as Curtis Alexander in Dream Team.


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