Meet the cast of Casualty

A who's who of Holby City hospital, with all you need to know about the characters and the stars who play them


Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson)

Number of years in A&E: 29


Who?: Charlie Fairhead is pretty much synonymous with Casualty, having been in the show since its very beginning. As the Emergency Nurse Practitioner Charlie has been involved in some interesting cases and many of the hospital staff really admire him. Charlie is very caring but can be tough as well; he definitely won’t stand for any nonsense.

Memorable moments: Over the years Charlie has been dragged into all sorts of mayhem in the A&E but the most heartbreaking decision he has had to make was to assist friend Megan in her suicide. Charlie has also spent plenty of time battling with his son Louis, taking on the responsibility of caring for him after his wife Baz died in a car accident.

Previous roles: Thompson is best known for the part of Charlie Fairhead, having starred in spin-off shows Holby City and Holby Blue as the very same character. He’s also had roles in Minder and Bergerac, as well as playing Detective Sergeant Jimmy Fenton in The Gentle Touch during the 80s.

Zoe Hanna (Sunetra Sarker)

Number of years in A&E: 8

Who?: Zoe Hanna is a fantastic consultant, dedicated to her job and particularly ambitious. She has often been known too much for her partying and fun-loving nature but she is incredibly confident and can sweet-talk anyone.

Memorable moments: When Zoe found out that she was infertile she tried to foster a child but came to the realisation that she would always put her career first. She’s been known for some of her rather risqué relationships within the ED, particularly with General Surgical Consultant Nick Jordan. When he left the department Zoe discovered that Nick had a fatal brain tumour and so she forged his signature to allow him life-saving treatment.

Previous roles: Sarker is best known for her roles as Anji Mittel in raunchy nurse show No Angels and Clare Burns in veterinary drama The Chase. She also starred in the 2014 series of Strictly Come Dancing, where she partnered Brendan Cole, making it to week ten of the contest.

Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing)

Number of years in A&E: 1

Who?: General Lead Connie Beauchamp may have only spent one year with the Casualty team but she’s been training within Holby since 2004. She’s pushed throughout her life to get recognition for her talents and now that she’s made it to the top she isn’t going to let go.

Memorable moments: Connie used to be the Clinical Lead of Cardiothoracic Surgery in Holby City and despite having moved to the ED relatively recently she’s had her fair share of drama, from clashing with Zoe to catching the eye of some of the younger doctors. Most recently Connie was involved in a euthanasia scandal after an elderly friend of hers tragically passed away. Although the majority of the staff were sympathetic towards Connie she was arrested after nurse Rita tampered with vital evidence in her office.

Previous roles: Mealing is most well known for her time as Connie in Holby City but she’s also made appearances in Four Weddings and a Funeral and Law and Order: UK. Back in the 90s she starred as Kate in mini-series Jake’s Progress with Robert Lindsay and also as Ruth Manning in Russell T Davies’ show The Grand.

Tess Bateman (Suzanne Packer)

Number of years in A&E: 12

Who?: Tess Bateman is very traditional in her approach to running the ED. As Senior Ward Sister she is used to making people stick to the rules and sometimes this can cause a clash between herself and the younger staff who see her as a bit of a stiff. But they usually find that in their darkest hour Tess will be by their side because she really does care.

Memorable moments: Tess was left pretty shocked when her husband Mike filed for divorce, and she struggled to come to terms with her son Sam’s bipolar disorder. Tess has had some really tough times: being drugged by a crazed patient, impaling herself on a pole at a building site and even being forced to take the blame for the death of a young boy. Tess also had an affair with younger nurse Adrian Fletcher, splitting up his marriage and subsequently choosing to abort the pregnancy that came from their dalliance.

Previous roles: Aside from playing Tess in Holby City, Packer also appeared for a few one-off episodes in Channel 4 soap Brookside as Josie Johnson. A lot of people also don’t know that she is the sister of athlete turned presenter Colin Jackson.

Dylan Keogh (William Beck)

Number of years in A&E: 2

Who?: A Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Dylan joined the show in 2011 but had a two-year break, returning to the ED in late 2014. He’s a very cynical character with a dry sense of humour and though he isn’t necessarily the most fun to be around he is a great doctor – if you’ve got a strange and rare disease then Dr Keogh will definitely ensure the correct diagnosis.

Memorable moments: Dylan finds it hard to read patients and often keeps them at arm’s length which led to the death of paramedic Polly when he failed to notice signs of PTSD in a patient. When Dylan’s registrar wife Sam landed a job at the ED he pretended that she didn’t exist and it wasn’t until a fire led to him needing a next of kin that the ED discovered the truth about Sam and Dylan’s relationship, which eventually caused him to leave.

Previous roles: Beck recently had a role in ITV’s period drama The Great Fire as Richard Smith and played one of Little John’s gang, Roy, in BBC drama Robin Hood. He’s also made appearances in Hustle, Whitechapel and Death in Paradise. 

Kathleen “Dixie” Dixon (Jane Hazlegrove)

Number of years in A&E: 9

Who?: Paramedic Dixie is a barrel of laughs. She’s fun and outgoing and her openness means she makes friends easily. She will always stand up for what she believes in but watch out for her practical jokes.

Memorable moments: Dixie’s relationship with best friend Jeff Collier has fuelled her key storylines over the years. Despite being gay she married Jeff, desperate to hide her sexuality from her father who discovered the truth on his deathbed. As their marriage is one purely of friendship Jeff prepared to ask Dixie for a divorce in order to propose to his new girlfriend but as the pair attended a road accident involving their ED peers Jeff was tragically killed and Dixie has since struggled to cope without him.

Previous roles: Hazlegrove has made one-off appearances in Coronation Street, Jonathan Creek and A Touch of Frost but in 2002 she starred in six episodes of Silent Witness as Rosemary Mason, the main receptionist at the Lyell Centre.

Mackenzie “Big Mac” Chalker (Charles Dale)

Number of years in A&E: 8

Who?: Healthcare Assistant Big Mac is the one character who will always have a smile on his face. He’s cheery, unlucky in love, but always optimistic and helpful. He can be a bit grouchy but once you get to know him you see that he has a much softer side.

Memorable moments: Big Mac first joined the show as a porter and though at first he was very much a background character he has really come into his own. As a Falklands War veteran Mac has often been preoccupied with his feelings about war, even becoming a vigilante of sorts within the Farmead Estate. Mac is great friends with receptionist Noel Garcia and they’re often seen quizzing each other and sharing a joke.

Previous roles: Dale has appeared in shows Judge John Deed, New Tricks and The Royal but is probably most known for his roles as Dennis Stringer in Coronation Street and as Robson Green’s best friend Barry Scott in BBC drama Rocket Man.

Noel Garcia (Tony Marshall)

Number of years in A&E: 7

Who?: Receptionist Noel is very similar to Mac, being the joker of the group and always the one likely to be behind any pranks. He is just as optimistic as Mac but likes to be taken seriously – he considers his job to be of the same importance as the medical staff and doesn’t like to be told otherwise.

Memorable moments: Noel has really come to the fore of late, adding the comedic elements that darker parts of Casualty sometimes really need. Some of his more emotional plot lines involved his father failing to recognise him after being diagnosed with dementia and the more recent revelation that staff member Honey Wright is in fact his daughter.

Previous roles: Garcia has popped up in Only Fools and Horses and The Queen’s Nose and before his stint in Casualty he appeared as barman Nelson in Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.

Honey Wright (Chelsee Healey)

Number of years in A&E: 1

Who?: Barista Honey is the happy-go-lucky tea lady of the show. She is fun and bubbly with a big personality.

Memorable moments: Honey arrived at the ED with a big secret: Noel is actually her father. Whilst auditioning for a pole-dancing job she injured her ankle but desperate to keep it a secret she called on the help of registrar Ethan. Following a kiss with Ethan, Honey left the show in February but returned over the summer, surprising both Noel and Ethan.

Previous roles: Healey is most known for her role as troubled teenager Janeece Bryant in Waterloo Road, which she starred in for six years. Like Casulaty co-star Sunetra Sarker, she was a Strictly Come Dancing contestant, making it to the final in 2011 alongside partner Pasha Kovalev.

Louise Tyler (Azuka Oforka)

Number of years in A&E: 4

Who?: Receptionist turned Staff Nurse Louise first appeared in the show as an ambulance dispatcher in 2011 before returning for a more permanent role in 2012. She is organised, efficient and meticulous which stands her in good stead at Holby. Just don’t get on her bad side or she might give you a dressing down.

Memorable moments: Louise and Dixie got off to a very bad start but after finding out about Louise’s fear of blood Dixie helped her overcome her phobia. Louise has had plenty of confrontations with both Big Mac and Noel but has helped them through some tough times too.

Previous roles: The role of Louise was Oforka’s TV break, but she starred in a one-off episode of The Bill prior to joining the Casualty team.

Rita Freeman (Chloe Howman)

Number of years in A&E: 2

Who?: As a Staff Nurse Rita doesn’t take any nonsense and will care for the patient no matter what. She’s exactly the kind of person to rely on in times of trouble but if you get caught up with her reckless streak you might find yourself facing the consequences.

Memorable moments: Rita’s biggest storylines have been pretty controversial, from a battle with alcoholism to telling the ED her husband was dead when he was in fact in prison for sex offences. Rita has also had continual confrontations with Connie, the latter blaming Rita for her daughter’s decision to move to New York. Rita then told the police that she believed Connie had assisted an elderly man in his death but Charlie managed to put a stop to it when he realised that it wasn’t the full story.

Previous roles: Howman started her career as Julie-Ann Jones in Family Affairs and also made a name for herself as Helen in Life Begins. In 2007 she starred in Casualty spin-off show Holby Blue as PC Kelly Cooper.

Robyn Miller (Amanda Henderson)

Number of years in A&E: 2

Who?: Band 5 Nurse Robyn is a friendly and bubbly character. She’s great at caring for patients, finding it much easier to look after them than to deal with the more academic side of her job. She’s a chatterbox so even though she’s a great friend if you have any secrets it’s probably best not to let her in on them.

Memorable moments: Robyn has constantly shown herself to be a kind and thoughtful woman, helping both Lofty and her stepbrother Max get jobs within the ED. More recently Robyn has been embroiled in an unrequited love storyline with friend Lofty who doesn’t quite reciprocate her feelings whilst also being romantically involved with courier Zach.

Previous roles: Casualty is Henderson’s big break with only previous shows Mount Pleasant and Wild Bill to add to her TV CV.

Max Walker (Jamie Davis)

Number of years in A&E: 2

Who?: Porter Max is a bit of a daydreamer and everything is a distraction from his real love, music. He’s a great people person and similar to stepsister Robyn in terms of friendliness and attitude.

Memorable moments: Despite being a bit of a playboy at first Max has fallen in love with Zoe pretty hard. Their relationship has been tough at times, the two being at opposite ends of the career ladder at Holby. In June the couple moved in together and it looks likely that there could be a Holby wedding on the horizon.

Previous roles: Davis has had plenty of roles to sink his teeth into from Harley Lawson in Footballer’s Wives to Alex Partridge in Candy Cabs. In 2012 he took on the part of Calum in Shameless and Gerry in ITV2 teen show Switch.

Ben “Lofty” Chiltern (Lee Mead)

Number of years in A&E: 1

Who?: Lofty is a Band 5 Nurse who stumbled his way into a job in the ED. He is warm and kind and often the object of many attractions. He can be a bit oblivious and bumbling but he’s got a good heart.

Memorable moments: He started out in the show hiding in Robyn’s loft and after convincing her that he wasn’t robbing the place they ended up becoming firm friends. Lofty was suspended after disobeying the rules and helping Dixie when a patient wanted to see his dying mother but upon his return Lofty was hailed a hero after risking smoke-related injuries to try to save a young boy.

Previous roles: Mead is a musical star, having appeared on Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s talent show Any Dream Will Do in 2007 where he won the starring role of Joseph in the West End. He’s since played Fiyero in Wicked and Emmett in Legally Blonde, both in the West End.

Lily Chao (Crystal Yu)

Number of years in A&E: 2

Who?: CT-1 Doctor Lily is incredibly academic and is reaching for the stars in her career. Though brainy and fabulous her bedside manner is often lacking but she isn’t bothered that she’s not well liked by the others. She’d be a great doctor if you were ill but be aware that she may be less than sympathetic.

Memorable moments: Throughout her time in the ED numerous members of staff have attempted to teach her a bedside manner, without much luck. Lily once performed a risky operation on a patient and her mentor Ash pretended that the patient had died in order to teach her a lesson. Lily often pushes herself too far and, more recently, on her way home from a long shift, she fell asleep whilst driving. Ashamed by her actions she handed in her resignation, but was stopped by Connie.

Previous roles: Playing Lily is Yu’s first recurring role in any TV drama. She has previously appeared in smaller parts in shows such as Dream Team and Diamond Geezer. 

Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford)

Number of years in A&E: 1

Who?: Registrar Ethan is very academic and relatively shy. He has lived in the shadow of his brother Cal for a long time and struggles to come out of his shell. He is a loveable character and definitely the type of thorough doctor that you’d want to be in charge of your case.

Memorable moments: When Ethan arrived at the ED he was struggling to cope with the death of his mother and Cal’s appearance left him with no end of problems. During the accident, which resulted in the death of Jeff, Ethan was taken unconscious to the ED where his brother performed a life-saving operation on him. Ethan is very pro-active within the department and presented a cost-cutting proposal to Connie, which Cal later stole.

Previous roles: Casualty isn’t the first time that Rainsford has worked with bodies, previously starring as Jimmy in Call the Midwife and Luke in Waking the Dead. He’s had a few smaller roles too, as Tim in Secret Diary of a Call Girl and as a waiter in British film Wild Target.

Caleb Knight (Richard Winsor)

Number of years in A&E: 1

Who?: Registrar Cal lives life in the fast lane. He’s a constant annoyance to his brother Ethan as he always takes over the limelight. He’s incredibly confident and an instinctive doctor but also a bit of a womaniser.

Memorable moments: Cal is a charmer and ended up sleeping with a younger girl who turned out to be one of his first patients at Holby. Ignoring other patients for the advances of a pretty blonde, Caleb’s most memorable storyline was his recent love affair with Taylor. Stealing money from his brother to help fund her charity, which was revealed to be completely fake, caused Cal a lot of grief and broke his heart in the process.

Previous roles: Winsor is actually a trained dancer who has starred in many Matthew Bourne productions, his film credit coming from an appearance as Tomas in Street Dance. Prior to Casualty he took on the role of Father Francis in Hollyoaks.

Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson)

Number of years in A&E: 3

Who?: Paramedic Iain is a little over-confident and needs to be kept in line by the other staff. An ex-army man he occasionally struggles with the differences between Afghanistan and Holby, still wanting to be the hero. He’s a man’s man but that doesn’t mean he isn’t caring.

Memorable moments: He arrived in 2012 as an army colleague of Dylan’s wife Sam, returning later as a student paramedic. He proved his worth to the team during a bus crash where he rescued a patient moments before the vehicle exploded.

Previous roles: Stevenson played Marcus in the second series of The Syndicate and has produced the short films A Thousand Empty Glasses, The Outside In and Simon Says.

Jacob Masters (Charles Venn)

Number of years in A&E: 0

Who?: Senior Staff Nurse Jacob has ruffled feathers since he joined the ED a few weeks ago. He’s impulsive and bossy but nonetheless pretty impressive.

Memorable moments: When he first entered the ED he made a strong impression on the staff by demanding treatment for his sick friend, muscling his way into the department. Whilst having only been in the show a matter of weeks at the time of writing, the Casualty summer trailer has teased the possibility of a future romance with Connie.

Previous roles: For soap fans Venn will be most recognisable as Bianca Butcher’s ex-flame Ray in EastEnders, as Tremaine Gidigbi in Footballer’s Wives and as Curtis Alexander in Dream Team.


Casualty is on Saturday nights on BBC1