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Here's why everybody was talking about John Simm, Billie Piper, and Aidan Turner's Poldark this week

From Monday night Simm madness to a missing midwife, a poor unfortunate pizza to Poldark, here's what YOU had to say about the week's biggest news stories

John Simm, Billie Piper and Aidan Turner's Ross Poldark
Published: Saturday, 17th February 2018 at 10:00 am

Here at we spend our week devouring all the TV there is on offer and sharing our hot TV reccommendations.


But what did YOU have to say about this week’s biggest TV news stories and shows?

Here’s what got you talking over the past seven days.

Steven Moffat released a very different Doctor Who 50th anniversary script

An early draft of smash-hit 2013 anniversary episode The Day of The Doctor, Moffat had included Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor (who starred in the 2005 series) alongside David Tennant and Matt Smith’s incarnations, with Eccleston’s Time Lord filling a similar role to the one eventually brought to life by John Hurt in the finished story.

When Eccleston decided not to appear, Moffat rewrote the script and the story was buried – until now.

Screenwriter Moffat has decided to release it as part of a special charity project, and fans are very excited,

Everyone was very worried Helen George was leaving Call The Midwife

Last Sunday night's episode of Call The Midwife saw recovering alcoholic Trixie Franklin (Helen George) drinking sherry with her patients, secretly swigging vodka in the bathroom and skipping her support group meetings. When she finally reached breaking point she bravely approached Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) to say she needed help.

The head Sister thanked her for her honesty and told her to go away for six months of treatment – and return to Nonnatus House when she had recovered.

Fans were really rather concerned that this meant they'd seen the last of Nurse Franklin, and were relieved to discover that she would only be temporarily absent. Actress Helen George was pregnant while filming the series and they had to free her up so she could actually have her baby.

"Trixie can’t possibly leave, she is wonderful," wrote Katherine Woods on Facebook.

"I'm pleased she's coming back," Tamsin Stevens added. "I love her character!"

Monday night was John Simm night and fans were faced with a major dilemma

The Life on Mars and Doctor Who actor popped up on ITV's Mike Barlett drama Trauma and BBC2's big new Monday night drama Collateral, broadcast 'simm'-ultaneously at 9pm on Monday night.

But which would fans watch?

Collateral appeared to ever so slightly pip Trauma to the post among readers.

Billie Piper's treatment of a pizza caused outrage

In Monday night's episode of Collateral her character, Karen Mars, threw a freshly delivered pizza on the floor because it didn't come with a 'special' topping she had ordered.

The internet was NOT impressed.

Piper has since apologised for Karen's terrible actions and promised that she will never again be seen disrespecting a pizza on screen.

Viewers found the Trauma finale incredibly traumatic

The finale of Mike Bartlett's three-part drama - which saw John Simm's Dan relentlessly pursuing the surgeon (Adrian Lester) he believed to be ultimately responsible for his stabbed son's death - came to a somewhat anti-climactic conclusion, 72% of readers said.

"I found this programme excruciating to watch. I was so wound up by Dan’s behaviour and that it all worked out fine for him in the end (obviously except losing his son) but the surgeon’s life was torn apart. Why were his wife and daughter so angry with him?" Jenny Pollard wrote on Facebook.

However, the vast majority of those who watched - and complained - admitted they'd been hooked on the series.

Ross Poldark was voted the nation's dream Valentine's Day date...

More than 40% of readers surveyed said Aidan Turner's Cornish captain was the TV character they'd most like to spend February 14th with.

... And his romantic reconciliation with Demelza had Poldark fans whooping

A first look at series four - shared by BBC1 on Twitter to celebrate the most romantic day of the year - suggested that the couple were in a much stronger place than they were when we left them at the end of series three.

The short montage of clips from the upcoming series also featured another scene of Turner's Ross taking a dip in a tin bath.

"I've got the soap and towel ready," Sue Ratcliffe joked on Facebook.

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler gave us the inside scoop on those post-credits scenes

It's THE Marvel movie of the moment so we sat down with Black Panther director Ryan Coogler to ask him about the all-important post-credits scenes that follow the film.


Fans wished Red Dwarf a very happy 30th birthday

Can you remember where you were when Lister, Rimmer, Kryten and Cat's adventures began on 15th February 1988?

The show's fans and stars took to Twitter on Thursday to celebrate the big birthday.

And everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Jed Mercurio revealed he's FINALLY writing the scripts for Line of Duty series 5

"Jed could you possibly write faster as I am dying for the next series," wrote Elizabeth Pritchard on Facebook.

"Make it a good one fella," Robert Welton added.

In January, Line of Duty’s Adrian Dunbar said that he hoped his legendary character Ted Hastings would get more “action hero” scenes, and that series five would come to screens in 2019.

“We’ll be shooting the next series at the end of this year, sometime in the autumn, so sadly we’ll all have to wait until 2019 to find out what happens to us all,” he explained. “I haven’t seen anything, Jed hasn’t told us anything, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that we’re not bumped off.”


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