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Billie Piper vows to "never again" disrespect pizza after Collateral backlash

How can you treat takeaway pizza so callously?

Billie Piper in Collateral
Published: Wednesday, 14th February 2018 at 11:15 am

If there's one thing the Great British Public won't stand for, it's disrespect to pizza. And after the first episode of Collateral on BBC2, viewers were stunned to see Karen Mars (Billie Piper) treat her takeaway with such violence and wilful neglect.


After angrily accepting her Monday night delivery and complaining that she didn't get her "special topping", Karen simply chucked the pizza in a corner and... forgot about it. But how do you forget about pizza? Does the delicious aroma not tempt you back to the box? This is shocking behaviour.

Fortunately, Piper has now apologised and promised: "Never again."

The former Doctor Who actress was forced to apologise because pizza rights activists have been up in arms...

Of course, there might be a plot-related reason why Karen wasn't too keen on her pizza. It certainly seemed odd to the detective who came round to take her statement a few hours later, and it seemed odd to viewers.

What's the significance of the missing "special topping" and how does it play in to the murder of the delivery man, Abdullah? Perhaps this is about more than disrespect to Italian cuisine.


Collateral returns on Monday at 9pm on BBC2


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