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BBC's Collateral wins over viewers as ITV's Trauma story leaves people perplexed

Two new dramas with John Simm went head to head on BBC2 and ITV

Published: Tuesday, 13th February 2018 at 9:46 am

Collateral and Trauma launched head to head in the TV schedules on Monday night, and although they were both very different they did have one thing in common.


John Simm was starring in both: in Collateral as David Mars and in Trauma playing grieving father Dan Bowker.

However one of the mystery thrillers came out on top with viewers.

In a poll, Collateral was favoured over Trauma with 66.7% saying they preferred the Carey Mulligan police drama over the ITV three-parter, written by Doctor Foster's Mike Bartlett.

The first episode of the BBC2 drama was a hit with viewers online too.

Despite the tension, viewers couldn't help be distracted by the crass treatment of a pizza delivered to Piper, prompting the actress herself to hilariously respond.

Trauma, meanwhile, had viewers gripped with the central performances from Simm and Lester.

But had viewers asking one big question...


Collateral continues next Monday on BBC2, Trauma airs Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th February on ITV.


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