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Viewers gripped by Trauma series finale despite "ludicrous" storyline

"The worst drama I've ever been gripped by" – ITV's medical thriller finished on Wednesday night, and viewers were torn over the ending

Published: Friday, 13th July 2018 at 11:22 am

Over the past three days, ITV series Trauma has become a frustrating pleasure for certain viewers.


From its launch on Monday to its finale last night, many were gripped by Trauma’s unbelievably tense scenes – while conceding that the plot was, at times, “ludicrous”.

The medical thriller, written by Doctor Foster mastermind Mike Bartlett, reached a nerve-shredding climax on Wednesday, with John Simm’s Dan and Adrian Lester’s Jon having the ultimate face-off.

Lots of viewers who thought they were "fed up" with the series still couldn’t tear their eyes away…

Our poll found that 72 per cent of voters found the ending to be anti-climactic, a view that was also voiced on Facebook.

Andrew Brown wrote: "Who do I see for a refund on three hours of time - one of the worst shows I’ve endured, kept waiting for it to click and ramp up. But no, dull, slow, implausible and with a ‘I give up now’ ending."

However, Dawn Grassby said, "Yes thank goodness they gave the story a complete ending! I hate watching a several part drama to be left to make up my own ending."

Jill Worthington countered, "It felt like the writer got fed up and just needed to write an ending - any ending. A bit of a let down I thought after such a gripping build up. ?"


Originally published on Thursday 15 February 2018


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