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What did you think of the end of Trauma?

ITV's three-part thriller has come to a conclusion, but was it a satisfactory end to the tale?

Published: Wednesday, 14th February 2018 at 9:58 pm

After three nights of tense head-to-head drama, John Simm and Adrian Lester's tale of a grieving dad and the surgeon who operated on his dying son has finally come to a conclusion.


Trauma's finale saw Simm's character, Dan, hold a knife to surgeon Jon's (Lester) daughter Alana's throat in the hopes of coaxing a confession out of the man he believed to be responsible for his own child's death.

Realising his daughter was in real peril, Jon finally confessed that he had made a mistake while working to save Alex's life on the operating table. He told Dan that he'd reveal the details if he put the knife down and set Alana free.

A somewhat relieved Dan agreed to the terms, allowing the teenager to run to safety with her mother – but not before gloating that he'd changed her perception of her father forever.

Jon then confessed that while attempting to seal a hole and stop Alex bleeding, he'd "pulled too hard and pulled too quickly", increasing the internal damage in the process. A shocked Dan continued to goad Jon, prodding at his obvious distress about his daughter and encouraging him to pick up the knife. The surgeon's anger spilled over and he knocked Dan to the ground, kicking him relentlessly until the police, and a horrified Alana, intervened.

The story didn't end there, though. Dan and Jon had one final exchange in the grieving dad's hospital room, where it was revealed that neither of them would be pressing charges over the incident in the house and garden.

Adrian Lester, Trauma (ITV, EH)
Adrian Lester, Trauma (ITV)

“My psychologist said it was important I say sorry,” said Jon, before launching into a very poor attempt at an apology and lamenting the fact that he'd have to go through supervised re-training. "It was a mistake but over a professional lifetime, it’s bound to happen," he added, much to Dan's dismay.

The pair's final exchange was charged, but oddly calm. Dan didn't seem to see the point in pressing a clearly inconvenienced Jon any further. And so, just like that, the surgeon said "bye" and left the room.

We later saw Dan and his wife chatting somewhat happily in the hospital, while Alex's ghost watched on. And then the spectral figure popped up one last time, to watch a lonely Jon sitting at home, with a glass of whiskey in hand, before the credits began to roll.


We want to know what YOU thought of that ending. Was it a fitting finale to a fraught tale? Or did it fall flat after three nights of tense build-up? Scroll up to the poll to have your say.


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