The Great British Bake Off 2017 bakers: Tom Hetherington


Age: 29

From: Edinburgh

Day job: Architect

Twitter: @TomEatsCake

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What do you need to know about Tom?

Tom comes from a baking family, with his mother June (a Home Economics teacher) teaching all her children the skill, his sister owning a teashop and both his grandmothers known as passionate cake-makers.

“My whole family loves baking and my partner had been encouraging me for some time to apply,” he says.

“He thought I would enjoy the experience and I am so glad I did take his advice and apply. Everyone in my family is so chuffed for me that I’ve got to be part of the 12 bakers who are in this year’s tent.”

What is Tom’s baking style?

Practice makes perfect – and don’t be afraid of a little tough love.

“You are thinking about it all the time – the recipes, the cakes, what cake to make for your signature,” Tom says. “But it’s enjoyable at the same time because there is that end goal of standing proudly with your cake in the tent!

“Thankfully I am good with taking criticism because as part of my degree course, you regularly had to stand up every week and be told what was right or wrong,” he adds.

“I can take things on the chin. I am all for criticism. It’s important to learn.”

How well is Tom doing on The Great British Bake Off?

Tom has had a solid start.

In Cake Week, his Gilded Pear and Cardamom Cake was okay, and his Stack of Books Cake also met with some approval – though as an illusion cake it didn't quite stack up (ha) against the picture-perfect bacon sandwiches and bowls of ramen created by other contestants. He was a respectable 7th in the technical challenge and lived to bake another day.

Another day came, and Tom showed his mastery of biscuits. His Coffee and Amaretto Kisses hit the spot, and Prue thought his Drain Pipes and Ladders board game looked like it came from the pages of a magazine. Still, he was pipped to the top by Steven (again).


Will Bread Week be Tom's triumph?

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