Based on a true story, ITV's new factual drama White House Farm introduces us to Jeremy Bamber (played by Freddie Fox), whose family is murdered inside their Essex farmhouse in August 1985.


Following the fateful night, one policeman (played by Game of Thrones' Mark Addy) will stop at nothing to discover what really happened at White House Farm.

Here are the cast and characters you need to meet, including interviews with the cast...

Freddie Fox plays Jeremy Bamber

White House Farm

Who is Jeremy Bamber? Jeremy Bamber is a young man who lives a few miles away from the family farmhouse, White House Farm, and caravan park owned by his adoptive and religious parents, Nevill and June. One fateful night in August 1985, the police receive a frantic phone call from him, claiming that he's just heard from his father that his adoptive sister, Sheila, has gone 'berserk' - and that she has a gun.

Speaking to, Freddie Fox revealed that he had initially thought about approaching the real-life Jeremy Bamber when he was cast in the "enigmatic" role, but changed his mind. You can read the full interview here.

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Asked about his character, Fox added: "The Jeremy Bamber that I play is, I think, at least initially, charming and certainly something that draws you towards him, something you can't quite place. At lot of description of him at the time, which I found very interesting, [describes] him bringing an atmosphere into every room that he was in. Didn't quite know what that atmosphere meant, but it was something that didn't make you feel quite at ease."

Where have I seen Freddie Fox before? Fox recently played sweet-tempered Wilbur Strauss in the mini-series Year of the Rabbit, played a lead role in Russell T Davies' Channel 4 series Cucumber and has starred in various films including The Three Musketeers, Victor Frankenstein, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Mark Addy plays DS Stan Jones

Who is DS Stan Jones? DS Stan Jones is called to a crime scene in a sleepy Essex village, where five members of the same family have been shot dead inside the family farmhouse. From a glance, it looks like an open-and-shut case, but Jones, who's been assigned to look after the family, has his own private suspicions...

Speaking to, Mark Addy joked about the physical dissimilarity between himself and the real-life Stan Jones. "The real Stan: tall, skinny. Yeah, very different from me," he said. "But it's about trying to find the essence of who these people are and what their, and how it affects them and what it... for Stan he is all about seeking justice... That was what drove him to keep going, to keep at it, when he has been told just leave it, step away, deal with the family.

"And he just can't let it go. Can't let it go. Because he can see that things [evidence from the crime scene] are being taken... the police helped dig up pits so that they could burn all these blood stained mattresses and... literally torching it."

"Where have I seen Mark Addy before? The Full Monty actor played Robert Baratheon in HBO's epic fantasy series Game of Thrones, and has starred in A Knight's Tale, the TV series Atlantis (as Hercules), New Blood, and The Syndicate.

Mark Stanley plays Colin Caffell

Mark Stanley plays Colin Caffell

Who is Colin Caffell? Father to twin six-year-old boys, Nicholas and Daniel, Colin worries about his ex-wife, Sheila, who is being treated for schizophrenia. His boys tells him that they're nervous about staying at their overtly religious grandparents' house in Essex, and he drops them off there along with their mother.

Speaking to, Mark Stanley revealed that he had spoken to the real-life Colin Caffell while researching the character.

"We were on the phone for a good few hours, which when you are talking to someone you've never met before about something as sensitive as this, it's a long time, a long time to try and walk on eggshells about how you ask specific questions about certain things," Stanley said. "I had his book ['In Search of the Rainbow's End'] for reference, but Colin just said openly, you can ask me anything. If I don't feel comfortable, I'll tell you, but I won't feel offended that you've asked.

"We went through his personal relationships with every member of every person who was involved in the tragedy. Especially, Jeremy and Sheila's mum and dad, June and Neville."

Where have I seen Mark Stanley before? You might recognise Mark Stanley as Professor Bhaer from the BBC's mini-series Little Women; as Lord Babington in ITV's Sanditon; and more recently as Frank in BBC One's Elizabeth is Missing. He's also appeared in Game of Thrones and The Little Drummer Girl.

Cressida Bonas plays Sheila Caffell

Who is Sheila Caffell? Sheila has schizophrenia, while her ex-husband Colin has custody of their twin sons. In summer 1985 she and her sons travel to her adoptive parents' farmhouse for a holiday.

Where have I seen Cressida Bonas before? The actress has previously starred in Tulip Fever, as Mrs Steen; The Bye Bye Man; and Doctor Thorne.

Gemma Whelan plays Ann Eaton

Gemma Whelan plays Ann Eaton

Who is Ann Eaton? Ann is cousin to Sheila and Jeremy, and lives close to their parents' farmhouse. As the series goes on, she begins to suspect that the police's murder-suicide theory isn't accurate.

"I think Ann knew that Sheila wasn't capable of doing something like this," Gemma Whelan told "And, that she was regardless of her state of mind adored her children and there was no way she would do that. And so, if not Sheila than who?

"Jeremy was behaving extremely uncharacteristically for someone who had just lost his family. And of course, Ann is his cousin, she knows him. And she just felt something was amiss. She's discovered very odd behaviour from Jeremy. She felt something wasn't right, so she is motivated by that. She went deeper into it and took the case on herself, if you like, in a rudimental way."

Where have I seen Gemma Whelan before? You'll probably recognise Gemma Whelan for her roles as Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, and as Marian Lister in the period drama Gentleman Jack. She's also starred in Upstart Crow, Horrible Histories, and The End of the F***ing World - and she's also set to star in the latest film adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma.

Stephen Graham plays DCI Thomas 'Taff' Jones

Stephen Graham plays DCI Thomas "Taff" Jones, and Mark Addy plays DS Stan Jones

Who is DCI Thomas 'Taff' Jones? When Thomas 'Taff' Jones arrives on the scene following a suspected murder-suicide in an Essex farmhouse, he's under pressure from high-ups and the press, and is quick to discount any suggestion that the case isn't as straightforward as it appears.

Where have I seen Stephen Graham before? Netflix fans will recognise Stephen Graham for his recent role as Anthony 'Tony Pro' Provenzano in The Irishman. He's also starred in Line of Duty, The Virtues, and Rocketman, and is well-known for his breakout role as Combo in This is England.

Alexa Davies plays Julie Mugford

Alexa Davies plays Julie Mugford

Who is Julie Mugford? Julie is Jeremy's girlfriend, and supports him following the horrific killings at his family farmhouse.

"From reading the scripts and research and meeting Paul [Whittington, the dreictor], and talking about it, there are so many layers to this story and so many layers to her [Julie]," Alexa Davies told "And so many things to consider; I mean, she was 20-years -old when this happened, and she was left with this choice to make at 20-years-old, whether to do the right thing and go to the police even though she had no evidence and didn't really have any reason to think anyone would believe her.

"Or to keep it to herself for the rest of her life, which would be a very selfish thing to do, but she was 20 and in love and just wanted to get married and to have her life with this man."

Where have I seen Alexa Davies before? The actress played Aretha Garry in Raised By Wolves, Betsey Fletcher in Harlots, Young Rose in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, and Kate in Detectorists.

Grace Calder plays Heather Amos

Grace Calder plays Heather Amos

Who is Heather Amos? Heather is Colin's partner, and effectively step-mother to the twins.

Where have I seen Grace Calder before? Calder is set to play Tessa is the upcoming Channel 4 drama series Deadwater Fell, and has previously starred in Outlander and Fight the Good Fight.

Richard Goulding plays David

Richard Goulding plays David

Who is David? Cousin of Sheila and Jeremy, he supports his sister Ann and her suspicions about the police's verdict.

Where have I seen Richard Goulding before? Goulding has played Prince Harry twice, in Mike Bartlett's King Charles III and in satirical series The Windsors. He's also starred in Ripper Street, Fresh Meat, Brexit (as Boris Johnson), and Traitors.

Nicholas Farrell plays Nevill Bamber

Nicholas Farrell plays Nevill Bamber

Who is Nevill Bamber? A wealthy farmer and adoptive father of Sheila and Jeremy. He lives in a farmhouse in the quiet village of Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex, with his with June.

Where have I see Nicholas Farrell before? The Chariots of Fire actor has more recently starred in The Iron Lady, Thirteen, Legend, and Testament of Youth.

Amanda Burton plays June Bamber

Amanda Burton plays June Bamber

Who is June Bamber? A deeply religious mother and grandmother, who has strong ideas on how best to bring up her adoptive daughter Sheila's twin boys.

Where have I seen Amanda Burton before? Burton has starred in a wide range of series, including Silent Witness, Waterloo Road, Midsomer Murders, Pollyanna, and The Level.


The six-part drama White House Farm airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV