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What happened in Our Girl series two?

The 2015 series was action packed as Michelle Keegan's Georgie Lane was kidnapped by Al-Shabaab and rescued by former fiancé Elvis before averting a terrorist attack in Manchester

Published: Tuesday, 9th October 2018 at 9:07 am

Our Girl series two saw the introduction of Michelle Keegan's Georgie Lane after the exit of Lacey Turner's character Mollie Dawes.


Turner had starred in series one but her return to EastEnders prompted a changing of the guard and Manchester native Lance Corporal Lane proved a popular choice with viewers, as we saw her join Captain James and 2 Section on a mission to Kenya.

The humanitarian tour saw Georgie getting stuck into work at a charity hospital on the border with Somalia – an area marred by warfare and IED attacks. While there, she practised alongside NGO workers Nafula and Kicki – before the latter was kidnapped by terrorists.

Georgie, too, found herself bundled into the back of a truck and whisked away by militants working for Al-Shabaab. Held at ransom, she was reunited with Kicki in perilous circumstances as their kidnappers threatened to behead her if members of Al-Shabaab were not released.

Captain James (Ben Aldridge, who appeared in series one) scrambled Special Forces to rescue Georgie – an elite squad led by Elvis Hart (Luke Pasqualino). But Elvis and Georgie had history. The opening scenes of series two had shown us the pair in love and set to be married before Elvis inexplicably stood Georgie up at the altar.

Despite James's concerns that Elvis's emotions would get in the way of the mission, Georgie's ex ended up being the one to swoop in and rescue her – although Kicki wasn't so lucky, perishing at the base where the pair had been held.

Elvis earned a slap around the face for his heroics as Georgie came to terms with facing her one-time fiancé for the first time since her traumatic wedding day. But there were more important fish to fry, with Georgie tasked with identifying the members of the Al-Shabaab cell who kidnapped her, allowing the British army to make an air strike on the base, wiping out all the perpetrators. Or so they thought.

2 Section – and, conveniently, Elvis – were granted two days of leave in Kenya before heading back to Britain. But while enjoying their downtime in tropical paradise, an armed robbery at a nearby hotel forced Elvis to rescue Georgie's life a second time.

Holed up in adjacent hotel rooms, the two rekindled their romance with one night of passion after Elvis explained he had abandoned their wedding day after learning he had a young daughter. The whole situation was a little inconvenient for Georgie's new fiancé, doctor Jamie (played by Royce Pierreson), who was waiting for her back in Manchester.

Jamie was soon reunited with Georgie as she returned home, but also back on British soil was Al-Shabaab terrorist Abu (played by Michael James, above) who had threatened to execute Georgie during her kidnapping ordeal.

Intelligence – and Georgie – became aware of his escape from the bombed base and suspected he was planning a series of coordinated strikes on Manchester. But Elvis, fearful for his former fiancé, was convinced that Georgie's wedding day was the target and implored her to postpone it. Georgie, meanwhile, met with Abu's university ex-girlfriend Saira, who he split from before his radicalisation.

Realising that Saira was, in fact, the object of Abu's attack, Georgie abandoned her nuptials in the series finale and raced with Elvis towards the student's graduation to avert the attack. The ensuing stand-off ended with both Abu and Elvis getting shot, although the latter survived with Georgie accompanying him to hospital instead of racing to her delayed wedding.

As the series ended, Georgie and Jamie had gone their separate ways before she headed back out to Kenya and the charity hospital to continue her work with Nafula.


This article was originally published in October 2017

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