Our Girl series 2 arrived and Twitter was ruddy pleased with Michelle Keegan

Terrorists, torn-up proposals and THAT cliffhanger: what people thought of the action-packed first episode


Our Girl is back! In Kenya! With Michelle Keegan!


Yes, although Lacey Turner has left the war drama to return to EastEnders, Coronation Street’s Keegan filled the former’s military boots as the show’s new medic in crisis, Georgie Lane, who’s dropped into action by the Somalian border.

So how did fans deal with the change of ranks? Well, many couldn’t forget Turner…

However, if viewers were surprised after Georgie was jilted at the alter, they were blown away when (Spoilers incoming!) she was kidnapped at the end of the episode.

In summary:


Our Girl continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1