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Meet the cast of Our Girl series two

Michelle Keegan takes over from Lacey Turner to lead the army drama alongside Luke Pasqualino, Royce Pierreson and old favourite Ben Aldridge

Published: Wednesday, 5th October 2016 at 7:20 pm

Our Girl is back with a new five-part drama – but things are a little different this time around. The setting has switched from Afghanistan to Kenya and you might find yourself wondering where Lacey Turner is. The answer? EastEnders, so the story has switched to focus on a new female medic – Georgie Lane – played by another soap actress, Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan. But don't worry – there's at least one old favourite back on our screens as Ben Aldridge's Captain James returns to lead a brand new mission.


He's joined by the likes of Luke Pasqualino as Elvis, Anna Tenta as Kicki and Jayson Raynott as Al-Shabaab terorrist Abu. Meet the full series two cast below...

Georgie Lane (played by Michelle Keegan)

Gone is Lacey Turner's Molly Dawes (we find out a few minutes in that she's back in Afghanistan working with the training and advisory team) and in her place is Georgie – a gutsy, passionate army medic from Stockport. A workaholic who relishes a challenge, she's already done several tours of duty. First recruited by the army when they visited her school, Georgie joined the Royal Army Medical Corps which led her to the front line in Afghanistan where she met her first love, Elvis. But she doesn't like to talk about him.

Michelle Keegan is best known to most either as treading the Corrie cobbles as Tina McIntyre between 2008 and 2014 or for her lavish wedding to TOWIE star Mark Wright last year. She's also cropped up as Tracy in the first series of Ordinary Lies and had a guest spot on ITV2 comedy Plebs.

Elvis (played by Luke Pasqualino)

Special Forces operative Elvis is many things – fearless, impulsive, self-confident, determined – but when it comes to commitment, well, he comes up a little short. After breaking Georgie's heart, he's determined to make amends and, in fairness, he has plenty going for him. Described as a remarkable leader, brave and heroic, he passed SAS selection and has worked on both covert and overt operations including counter terrorism and drug operations in the Middle East and Far East, in Afghanistan and most recently Syria.

Luke Pasqualino made his name in hedonistic teen series Skins before popping up in The Borgias, Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome and Miranda. Up until earlier this year he was delighting Sunday night TV viewers over three series of BBC1's swashbuckling Musketeers.

Captain James (played by Ben Aldridge)

Finally, someone we recognise from the first series. Captain James met and fell for army medic Molly Dawes while on tour in Afghanistan but found himself in a love triangle with Iwan Rheon's Smurf. James suffered some nasty injuries in a mission gone wrong but he won the girl – only for series one to leave us in tears as poor Smurf suffered a brain bleed and died. Now James is back leading a platoon – that includes Georgie – in Kenya. Committed to his profession, he has the love and respect of everyone he works with.

Ben Aldridge first appeared on screens as Harry Fanshawe in The Devil's Whore and has since cropped up in Toast, Lewis, Lark Rise to Candleford, Lucky Man, Reign and – most recently – Fleabag.

Jayson Raynott AKA Abu (played by Michael James)

From London, Jason was a lonely chid growing up but went on to attend Manchester University where he thrived in his studies and social life. While studying, he became interested in Islam and recently headed to Ethiopia to join a charitable mission. Or so he told his family and friends...

Michael James is a relative newbie to acting, after attending the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts where he graduated in 2015. Since then he has had a guest spot in Doctors and has appeared in The Last Days of Troy at Shakespeare's Globe.

Kicki (played by Anna Tenta)

From Switzerland, Kicki followed her boyfriend to Africa where she fell in love with a career in humanitarian relief work. He was a war photographer in Sierra Leone but when he was killed by the West Side boys, Kicki was taken in by an NGO. She soon found aid work was what motivated her and formed strong bonds with her co-workers including Nafula.


Swiss/Austrian actress Anna Tenta worked as a dancer and choreographer until 2011. She is recognised for her work in Europe, appearing in German TV productions and as a series regular in Flemish Belgian comedy De Zonen van Van As. She's also known for theatre play True Nature which she wrote, co-directed and starred in.


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