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8 things that happen in the Our Girl series finale

After a tense penultimate episode, here's what to expect from Michelle Keegan and Luke Pasqualino in the series finale

Published: Wednesday, 5th October 2016 at 7:20 pm

Who tuned into Michelle Keegan's nail-biting penultimate episode of Our Girl? If you did you'll know that Georgie's big day is fast approaching, she's made the decision to quit the army, and – ominously – Elvis failed to capture Al Shabaab terrorist Abu. Who will win the heart of Lance Corporal Lane? And will Abu succeed in doing his worst?


Here's a sneak peek at what to expect from the series finale...

1. There's a wedding


With a big white dress, a church, the whole shebang. The trailer for next week sees Georgie dressed up to the nines and much of the episode is wrapped up in preparations for her and Jamie's big day. But will Elvis manage to spoil the party? Well, that would be telling...

2. We meet Jamie's parents... and – our new favourite character – Georgie's nan


Why has it taken five episodes to meet this woman? She's hilarious. Played by Joan Kempson, Georgie's grandmother doesn't appear often... but when she does, she's a scene stealer.

3. Elvis is posted to Manchester (surprise, surprise)


Jamie's love rival is no longer a two-hour train ride away. Sent to Manchester to work in close protection (key word, there – close), Elvis is tasked with tracking down and "neutralising" Abu. But will he get to him before he launches his attack? And will Georgie have her head turned by her handsome ex-fiancé?

4. Georgie's nightmares continue


Can we blame her? With Abu still at large – and a hoard of horrific memories of her ordeal – poor Georgie is understandably rather stressed. Her bedroom window was once used by Elvis – now it haunts her dreams...

5. 2 Section liven up the rehearsal dinner


Well, what do you expect when you invite your platoon to your wedding?

6. There's a race against time


Yes, we're going to be annoyingly vague. If we give any more away, the powers that be will hunt us down and give us a right old telling off.

7. The return of an old friend


But who is it...? Nope, we're not going to tell you that either.

8. And finally... Michelle Keegan makes this face.


Arguably our favourite moment of the entire episode.


Watch the Our Girl series finale next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1


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