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Our Girl recap: Georgie and Elvis rekindle their romance as Abu plots his next move

Michelle Keegan's Lance Corporal Lane revisits an old flame following her ordeal at the hands of Al Shabaab terrorists

Published: Wednesday, 5th October 2016 at 7:10 pm

When last we saw Michelle Keegan's Georgie Lane, she'd been through quite an ordeal. Captured by Al Shabaab terrorists, with the threat of execution quite literally hanging over her head, our girl was dramatically rescued by Special Forces operative Elvis (seriously, who can take a man with that name seriously?) who just happened to be the ex-fiancé who jilted her at the altar.


This week's episode kicked off with Georgie in a helicopter – her recovery clearly hampered by the presence of her rescuer, who responded to an almighty slap by quoting Daniel Day Lewis in The Last of the Mohicans. Georgie glowered at him, we'd have pushed him out the plane.

But Lance Corporal Lane was back in safe hands, whisked off to hospital where she was met by a visibly relieved Captain James. You know, the bloke who did that thing in Fleabag. (I can never forget).

"Why him, boss?" asked an exhausted Georgie as Elvis lurked in the doorway of her hospital room. "It was out of my hands," shrugged an apologetic James who, in fairness, was caught between a rock and a hard place when Elvis was shipped in as her rescuer.

Still, it wasn't long before Georgie was welcomed back into the fold of 2 Platoon as they geared up for some R&R. Gone was the African desert wasteland and in its place a sumptuous tropical paradise. But first, Georgie was tasked with identifying her assailant Abu and his cell as two Men With Computers listened with underwhelming urgency to the intel she'd picked up from the terrorists' control room. I guarantee if they'd been through the extreme stress of watching episode two, they'd have more fire in their belly.


In the interim, Georgie and Elvis exchanged moody glances in their tropical idyll, while her poor fiancé Jamie had to make do with lacklustre Skype conversations. Oh, and the former lovers ended up in adjacent hotel rooms with matching balconies. Coincidence, eh?

Georgie was having none of her ex's entreaties while busily assuring everyone else she was "fine" (she wasn't, that much was clear) but when the Men With Computers located Abu and his cohorts, she accompanied her comrades for one final mission – to drop a gigantic bomb on her captors. Job done. Finito. Kaput.

The army drove off and Elvis inched a millimetre closer into her good books by accompanying her to the refugee camp to hand over Kicki's watch to Nafula and give her one final hug. He may have been dressed in head-to-toe camouflage but his looks certainly weren't lost on savvy Nafula...

Back at the hotel, the beer rations were doled out and 2 Platoon were "getting pissed out their tiny minds, building a human pyramid". That is except Georgie who was busy glaring at her mobile phone and Elvis, whose attempts to bring her round stretched to sprouting yet more quotes. "None so deaf as those that will not hear".

We'd have stormed off, too.

Still, Elvis was about to head home, his final attempt to win over Georgie – by, er, blowing her a kiss – ending in failure. All that was left to resurrect his cause was... a lone gunman. Yes, another! This time robbing a hotel room before aiming his weapon in Georgie's direction. Elvis was having none of it, motoring towards the gunman and hurling the pair of them onto the rocks below. Elvis was remarkably ok, the gunman not so much.


Mission accomplished – he'd inched another millimetre into Georgie's good books.

A meal-time sing-song offered him yet more wriggle room as he reminded Georgie of their 'song' – The Kooks' She Moves in Her Own Way – a bold move that sent a shaken Georgie scarpering for her hotel room.

Fast-forward to nighttime and she was on her balcony, unable to sleep. Guess who was also on his balcony? ELVIS. He finally got the chance to explain his no-show at their wedding – he found out he had a baby daughter on the morning of their nuptials and decided that "taking responsibility" and "doing my duty" prevented him from getting hitched. The logic was a little dodgy, but there you go.

"I'm so much happier without you Elvis," Georgie fired back, believing it no more than we did. And it wasn't long before they were in the same hotel room, wiping away one another's tears. And, well, you can guess the rest.

But Georgie has poor puppy dog-eyed Jamie – remember him? Before the episode was out, she was back home, surrounded by bunting and in his arms showing remarkably little signs of guilt over her night spent with Elvis.

She's got bigger troubles, though. Abu is back in the UK. (He didn't die. Shocking that), his menacing face juxtaposed with footage of Georgie and her family gassing over brunch.

One thing's for certain: he's still up to no good...


Our Girl continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1


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