We need to talk about Clique episode 5’s shocking ending

OH. MY. GOD. What on earth is happening? And who can Holly actually trust?

Synnove Karlsen as Holly in Clique Series 1

As if watching Solasta intern Fay sobbing through her extra special test to land the Steiner account wasn’t stressful enough, Clique delivered another earth-shattering Sunday morning blow with the death of another major character at the hands of an unlikely murderer.


Alastair McDermid’s PA, Rachel Maddox (Rachel Hurd-Wood), revealed herself to be something of a double agent. When she was done dealing metaphorical blows to former mentor Jude (Louise Brealey), she dealt a very literal blow to the back of banker Rory’s (Mark Strepan) head, preventing him from strangling Holly (Synnøve Karlsen) to death.

Rory, of course, wasn’t quite who he said he was either. He’d kept all the evidence Holly had given him because he was actually working for Alastair (Emun Elliot) all along.

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It was quite the twist in the BBC3 tale, and one that left us stunned and seeking answers to questions we never even realised we’d have.

Whose side is Rachel Maddox really on?


Rachel is a curious character because it’s almost impossible to figure out where her allegiances truly lie.

With Jude she’s cold, calculating and callous, wasting no time in telling her former mentor that she’s no longer necessary.

However, Jude reveals that it was Rachel who sold Fay and James to her boss in the first place, shopping them in when she realised they’d been working to expose him.

If she was really on Alastair’s side, surely she wouldn’t have helped Holly and Elizabeth share that video during the seminar for potential new students? Unless, of course, she wanted to make sure the evidence was inadmissible in court…

Why did Rachel kill Rory?


Rachel doesn’t hold back when taking that blunt object to Rory’s head, despite Holly’s pleas for her to stop.

Is she taking out her anger on the man who once worked to bring her boss down? Or seeking revenge for the friends who died as a result of both herself and Rory’s actions?

Something’s not quite right with Rachel Maddox, and we wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with her any time soon…

What’s going to happen to Holly? 


She’s just watched her deceitful boyfriend be bludgeoned to death at the hands of her friend. And she’s in possession of a whole lot of evidence linking Alastair and Steiner to some seriously sinister business.

We’d imagine she’ll be doing her best to get out of Rachel’s way asap…

Will Georgia finally crack?


Georgia’s walking a fine line at the moment, defending Alastair to the last while struggling to get out of bed and having wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“I think I get to decide if I was raped, Holly,” she snaps when confronted by her best friend about Steiner and Alastair’s antics. “It’s my choice,” she explains, stubborn as ever.

Surely she can’t keep the façade up? Will she finally crack? And if she does, how far will she fall?

Is Jude in danger?


Jude McDermid definitely didn’t bet on her brother using her girls as his personal and professional playthings, so she’s been horrified to discover what Alastair and Steiner have been up to.

Steiner didn’t seem impressed when she confronted him, dismissing her and laughing at her attempts to square up to him.

Meanwhile her girls seem to have turned their back on their mentor, with Rachel in particular dealing a pretty firm blow. “We used to talk you and me; you used to tell me things,” said Jude.

“It’s over Jude, surely you can see that?” Rachel coldly explained. “You couldn’t keep up and now things are happening without you.”

Could she be in danger of suffering the same fate as Fay and James?

Did Fay really take her own life? Or was she murdered?


We now know Rory killed James Buxton, but did he kill Fay too? He told Holly he hadn’t, but then flew into a rage and attempted to strangle her, so we’re not sure we’d believe anything that came out of his mouth.


But let’s not forget we’ve got another murderer in our midst. Could Rachel have done away with her best pal to keep her boss safe?