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We need to talk about what happened in Clique episode 4

Talk about your cliffhanger ending...

Published: Friday, 6th October 2017 at 12:26 pm

With just two episodes left in the series, BBC3’s Clique offered up many of the answers we’d been looking for in a dark and twisted fourth episode - with a particularly harrowing final few minutes.


Holly McStay finally discovered the terrible truth about the events that led up to the death of intern Fay in episode one, and shocked her mentor, Jude, with revelations about her brother and his financial friends.


Who is Florian Helmlinger aka Lukas Steiner?

Holly finally figured out the truth about Lukas Steiner, or should we say Florian Helmlinger? Solasta’s most beloved client was revealed to be a criminal who made money through drugs, crime and the suffering of others.

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And he managed to hide that money with the help of his good friend Alastair McDermid, who convinced young intern Fay to help the duo do the deed.

Did Georgia go through the same ordeal as Fay?

Before she died, Fay made a video detailing exactly what had happened to her and James Buxton. The young intern revealed – via some pretty tough to watch video footage – that she’d been coerced into having sex with both Steiner (Helmlinger) and her boss, Alastair.

She said that this “extra test” was part of Alastair’s plan for his “top girl”, and flashbacks to episode two suggested that it’s what waited for Georgia as she crossed that dark beach.

What happened to Charlie and Georgia in Vienna? 

The usually party mad Charlie was visibly shaken when he returns to Edinburgh with Georgia and ‘Steiner’, so much so that he couldn’t hide it from Holly or on-again-off-again girlfriend Phoebe.

“I looked after her,” he snapped when Holly pushed him for information about their trip to Vienna with their new boss.

Can Holly really trust Rory?

One of the most surprising revelations came from Rory, who revealed that he was actually working with the police. Rory, a City banker turned inside man at Solasta, was forced to tell Holly the truth when she reached breaking point – and he eventually convinced her to hand over all the information she’d gathered from her anonymous source.

But can Rory be trusted? Or could he be a double agent, pretending to help the police while getting in far too deep with Solasta?

Who is sending Holly messages from James’s phone?

We know the banker is dead, so who’s using his phone? And was it him, or this anonymous tipster, who left the trail of information in the library?

Our money’s on Elizabeth, who knows pretty much everything there is to know about everyone and everything – but let’s face it, it could be anyone.

What will Alastair do next? 

Ok, so thanks to Fay’s video message we know Alastair tends to be one step ahead, meaning he’s probably been keeping a close eye on Holly since she basically rumbled him in episode three.

Now he’s spooked because his own sister is on to him, though Jude seems to have no idea just how sinister her brother’s actions have been just yet.

If Holly is right, and Fay and James were both murdered, could both she and her professor be next on the hit list?

Is Rachel really on Holly’s side? 

Rachel has always had her eye on Holly and certainly seemed keen to bring her into the group in episode one. Now she’s eager to convince her they’re on the same side.

When Rachel arrived at Holly’s door she told her she didn’t believe Alastair’s story about Fay taking money – but she also struggled to accept that he might have played a role in her best friend’s demise.

The PA went out of her way to gain Holly’s trust – but can she be trusted not to relay the information to her boss?

And what happened to little Lisa?

So it turns out that when Holly was 11 she convinced her friend's little sister to throw herself into the sea.


We're guessing wee Lisa drowned, but stranger things have happened in this series so far, so we'll leave this mystery unsolved... for now.


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