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9 burning questions we have after Clique episode 3

What's got Georgia so worked up? And are Alastair and Jude as innocent as they claim to be?

Published: Sunday, 19th March 2017 at 9:45 am

Another week, another episode of BBC3's Clique, and another fresh batch of burning questions!


The thrilling drama took quite the twist in episode three as we learned what Fay had been up to before her untimely demise.

But is everything as it seems? Let's get sleuthing...

1. How did James Buxton die?


In episode one he was shouting at Fay and threatening Holly, by episode two he was clearly unwelcome among his old friends at Fay's memorial and by episode three he was sending Holly warnings about Solasta and letting her in on Fay's dodgy dealings while the police searched for him.

They found him eventually, in what appeared to be a river. James is dead now too. Could his connection to Fay, and to the Steiner account, have led to his demise?

2. Was Alastair telling Holly the truth about Fay's dodgy dealings?


Solasta boss Alastair isn't shocked when Holly rolls up to his office with evidence of fraud being committed on his watch. In fact, he tells her he knew all about it but claims Fay's dodgy dealings with her clients had nothing to do with him.

Alastair tells Holly that Fay was engaged in underhand activities for her own gain, not his. And he adds that James Buxton “may have started it”. He begs Holly to say nothing for the sake of Fay's reputation, claiming he only discovered what his star intern had been up to AFTER she died.

So why do we have real trouble believing him?

3. Did Jude really know NOTHING about what Fay was up to?


Jude McDermid is very close to her precious girls, and we all know she's not afraid to teach them to fight for success.

Could she REALLY have had no idea that something fishy was going on at Solasta Finance, right under her nose? Or is she a very, very, very good actress, who could well have worked on the innocent routine with her brother before?

4. Was Fay hiding money for Lukas Steiner?


Steiner is Fay's big catch, the man whose account everyone wants to be on, and clearly one of Solasta's most important clients.

If there was anyone the company would be willing to turn a blind eye for it'd be him, surely?

5. Why did Georgia have a panic attack?


Ah Georgia. She never really was cut out for the intern life, but she's found herself smack bang in the middle of it – and on the massive account that Fay was working on before she died.

Perhaps that's why she falls to pieces when she arrives home from work to Jude's house dinner? Holly has to rush her to the bathroom to take her through what's clearly a well practiced routine to calm her down.

But what is it exactly that caused Georgia to crack? Could it be post traumatic stress related to the night Fay tried to take her own life in the bathroom? Or could it be what she now faces working with Steiner?

She was all talk about her pending trip to Austria with her new client and Charlie, but the moment she set foot in the car she was on edge again. What on earth is going on with her? And why is she too stubborn – or scared – to tell her best friend anything about it?

6. Since when did the girls actually LIKE Holly?


Is it just us or did Jude's girls experience something of a polar shift in their attitude towards Holly overnight? Rachel has always been civil to Jude's newest recruit, but Louise and Phoebe could barely deign to look at her before she joined Solasta.

When she arrives in the office, however, Phoebe's more than eager to help her get started, while Louise is on hand to offer slightly snappy but ultimately supportive advice.

And when the girls learn Georgia's landed the internship they all wanted, they take Holly into their fold and leave their new toy out in the cold.

7. Why is Louise so unhappy with Alastair?


Fay may not be the only Solasta girl who's hiding her unhappiness from the group. Louise is clearly miffed with the way she's being treated – and there's evidence of that long before she discovers Georgia landed the Steiner account she so desperately wanted to work on.

“I don’t know what’s a test and what isn’t with him”, she tells Holly as Alastair ignores her offer to join him in a meeting.

Could another of Jude's darlings be hiding ill will towards Solasta?

8. Why did Fay take her own life?


That's the BILLION dollar question we've been asking since day one. Now, thanks to James, we know Fay's secrets involved offshore accounts and – we're guessing here – a very important client.

Both Fay and James worked on the Steiner account and they both ended up dead.

Coincidence? We think not.

Did pressure drive Fay over the edge? Was she worried she'd be caught committing fraud? Or is something FAR more sinister going on at Solasta with Mr Steiner?

9. Did Holly convince her friends to jump off that wall? 

Synnove Karlsen as Holly in Clique Series 1

Holly's weekly flashback was much more brief this episode, but it hinted at something rather unsettling.

The 11-year-old stood on the edge of a sea wall with her group of friends, and looked as though she was daring them – or herself – to head into the water.

We've seen her swimming and screaming "come back, I'm sorry" and we know she's had visions of Fay telling her she's trying to make up for what she did, so could this be the incident that caused Holly to lose her friends?


Clique is available to stream on BBC3 and BBC iPlayer with new episodes appearing on Sundays


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